CES - Take DVR content with you on Motorola device

Motorola introduced a portable broadcast TV player that will also let users take recorded programs with them on the go.

The DH01 receives DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld) mobile TV programming, so it won't be useful to U.S. consumers any time soon. DVB-H is a mobile TV standard being used in Europe and other parts of the world.

While watching live broadcasts, users will be able to pause for five minutes. The DH01's high-resolution screen measures 4.3 inches and supports 16 million colors. It displays 25 frames per second and provides about four hours of playback time on a battery charge.

In addition to watching live broadcasts, users will be able to upload programs that they've recorded on their home DVRs (digital video recorders). A 256M byte Secure Digital/MultiMediaCard, which users can insert into the device, will save about 90 minutes of TV, Motorola said.

The DH01 is expected to be available this month. Motorola expects broadcasters and DVB-H service providers to sell it, and the device may become available in retail stores too. Motorola did not reveal an expected retail price.

Motorola will display the device next week at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Unless the DH01 becomes available with support for Qualcomm's MediaFlo technology, it won't be useful in the U.S., where it is unclear if any company will build a DVB-H network. In late 2007, AT&T announced plans to buy the spectrum that was to be used by Hiwire, the last remaining company that planned to build such a network. AT&T, which has already committed to using Qualcomm's MediaFlo for a mobile TV offering, has not said if it plans to continue Hiwire's DVB-H plans.

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