Going through e-discovery is not easy

* What's the best way to approach the e-discovery process?

Electronic discovery - sorting through the huge and growing amounts of electronically stored information (ESI) that most organizations possess - is not easy. However, it is becoming a fact of life for most organizations. In a study that we are conducting for Mimosa Systems - a leading vendor of archiving and e-discovery solutions - we are finding that e-discovery is quite common: 84% of organizations surveyed have been required to produce ESI for litigation during the past 24 months.

So what’s the best way to approach the e-discovery process? Should you implement an archiving system that indexes and stores your ESI in a centralized data store so that you can search for this data when the discovery order arrives, or should you implement systems that will simply search for the data after-the-fact wherever it resides throughout your company? Some believe that the latter is the better approach, since it allows organizations to avoid the cost of deploying and managing archiving and related technologies.

To answer that question, we wanted to find out what organizations do now and what they would prefer to do. At present, 34% of the organizations surveyed maintain data for discovery in data stores that are readily accessible; while 66% search for, collect and index the data wherever it resides throughout the company on an event-by-event basis. 

However, most decision-makers would clearly prefer the opposite: 73% of decision-makers would prefer to have the data readily accessible, such as in an archiving system, while 17% prefer the after-the-fact approach; 10% aren’t sure which is the better way to manage their ESI (Learn more about DATA BACKUP AND REPLICATION products from our DATA BACKUP AND REPLICATION Buyer's Guide).

What this means is that there is a significant disconnect between current and desired practice and one that will need to be corrected. It also means that there is a significant untapped opportunity for archiving vendors among organizations that would prefer to index and archive their ESI before the fact.

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