Cisco's efforts to eradicate unauthorized sales stops shy of working with UNEDA

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Cisco's efforts to eradicate unauthorized sales stops shy of working with UNEDALet us know.

Cisco hopes to eliminate unauthorized sales of its gear on eBay by signing up for the auctioneer's Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRO). Curiously though, Cisco has remained silent on whether it would work with the United Network Equipment Dealer Association to eradicate counterfeit equipment in the wider market. Why is Cisco seemingly hesitant to take up UNEDA's offer to work together in this effort?


Cisco's MARS attack

How Cisco NAC fares against the competition

Cisco CallManager, Unified Communications Manager vulnerable to attacks

Get a Cisco certification and your tummy tucked at the same time


Brad Reese on Cisco: CCAI - Cisco cert teaching future Cisco pros

Received a Cisco Resume this week from of all places Kathmandu, Nepal. Obviously, it was quite a thrill to receive a resume from that mythical, exotic paradise Bob Seger made famous in his hit song Katmandu ...

Jeff Doyle on IP Routing: Protecting your network edge: Now for the bad news

Over a number of previous posts I’ve written about securing the edge of your network, protecting both you and your external peering neighbors from malicious attack and from damaging configuration errors; I’ve written about everything from basic best practices to bogon filtering to source filtering to spiffy tools like uRPF and TTL hacks. It seems like there’s always a “But…”, so here’s the big But in the room: Many of the tools and configurations I’ve discussed can involve a performance tradeoff, and some can introduce security vulnerabilities.

Author Expert Jamey Heary: Highlighting 5 NEW lesser known PIX/ASA Firewall features

The 8.0.2 software release for the PIX and ASA platforms was a big one! My guess is you haven’t had the time, or the inspiration, to read through the release notes and drill into the configuration guide to find all of the new features you now get with the 8.0.2 code release. Fret not, I am here to help!

ChannelSurfing with Ken Presti: The Cisco-Microsoft lovefest: Tough choices ahead for the channel?

Collaboration and friendly co-opetition were clearly the main themes of the August 20th moderated discussion between John Chambers and Microsoft’s Steve Balmer. And if there are two guys in the modern business world with more reasons to get all brotherly, I don’t know who they might be. People with the most success are also the ones with most to lose. So I actually think there was more happening than basic PR. This was as much of a message to people within Cisco and Microsoft as it was a message to people outside of both companies. Play nice.

Michael Morris' Notes from the Field: Do you understand how much bandwidth 1Gbps is?

That's the question I often find myself asking users. At our largest sites we have deployed Gigabit to the desktop - not because users need it, but because the price difference between 10/100/1000 and 10/100 cards in Cisco 6500s is small. Plus, there are better features in the 10/100/1000 blades than in the older 10/100 cards. So, might as well get the Gig blades.


Unlocking Linksys IP devices: Can it be done?

Linksys IP devices may be unlockable, reports the Voice over IP blog. The blog is responding to VoIP provider Nuvio's July open letter to Cisco, asking its Linksys division to unlock its devices to help rescue customers of the defunct SunRocket VoIP provider. Cisco Subnet readers think it is possible and have the scars to prove it.

ProCurve is breathing down Cisco's neck

ProCurve Networking is closing in on Cisco in the Ethernet switch market, according to Infonetics Research. Is the gap getting smaller because customers are disatisfied with Cisco or because ProCurve is a better alternative?


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