Hot products at Interop

These products are on display at the annual tech conference in Vegas.

Interop is one of the definitive networking shows. It’s a place where vendors from around the industry come to display their latest and greatest products. Here are some of the hottest tools we’ve noticed so far at this year’s Interop. (Products are listed in no particular order)

Revolabs FLX UC 500 USB conference phone

Product name: Revolabs FLX UC 500 USB conference phone

Key features: Designed for PC-based communications, this sound-first USB speakerphone features superior speaker components and microphone and echo cancellation technology to provide high-fidelity audio in settings including desktop workspaces and conference rooms. More info.

NetSupport Manager v12, Desktop Remote Control

Product name – NetSupport Manager v12, Desktop Remote Control

Key features – Remote Control Support tool for any platform now includes Win 8 & enhanced iOS and Android support, PIN Connect, Geo-Locate with existing remote HW/SW inventory, advanced security plus much more. More info.

OmniSwitch 6860

Product name: OmniSwitch 6860

Key features: The OmniSwitch 6860 family advanced gigabit access switches have added capabilities of analytics and programmability (SDN), including wire rate DPI and policy enforcement on the fly. More info.

1U Dell Tool-less Pivot Rails

Product name: 1U Dell Tool-less Pivot Rails

Key features: The 1U Dell Pivot Rail is a tool-less sliding rail that works with 1U Dell servers. The Pivot Slide Rails are compatible with standard 19-inch EIA-310 square hole 4Post server racks. More info.

HP 560 IEEE 802.11ac Access Points

Product name: HP 560 IEEE 802.11ac Access Points

Key features: The HP 560 IEEE 802.11 SDN-enabled access points offer network agility, enabling organizations to support more mobile devices while improving the user experience with speeds three-times faster than 802.11n. More info.

Smartvue S9M

Product name: Smartvue S9M

Key features: Provides the most cost-effective cloud video surveillance platform. Monitor, manage, store and share video intelligence from one to thousands of locations. Works with thousands of cameras types. More info.

 Linksys AC1200 Dual Band Access Point (LAPAC1200) and Linksys AC1750 Dual Band Access Point (LAPAC1750)

Product name: Linksys AC1200 Dual Band Access Point (LAPAC1200) and Linksys AC1750 Dual Band Access Point (LAPAC1750)

Key features: These new access points provide network administrators, resellers and businesses to deploy a high-speed wireless network or upgrade their existing wireless infrastructure to the latest 802.11ac technology. The new access points deliver up to three time faster speeds for connected devices and more Wi-Fi capability for the Small and Medium Business (SMB) environment. More info.

Iris XF Servers

Product name: Iris XF Servers

Key features: Pogo has just introduced their Iris XF line of rack mount servers, based on fast and reliable SanDisk Solid State Drives plus the latest Intel Xeon processors. More info.

SmartFile On-Premise File Sharing Appliance – GBX201

Product name: SmartFile On-Premise File Sharing Appliance – GBX201

Key features: SmartFile is introducing FileHub, a network management feature that will allow IT managers to monitor file and user activity on network storage with added features, compliance, and reduced redundancy. More info.


Product name: Linksys 18-Port Smart Gigabit (PoE+) Switch (LGS318P)

Linksys 26-Port Smart Gigabit (PoE+) Switch (LGS326P)

Linksys 18-Port Smart Gigabit Switch (LGS318)

Linksys 26-Port Smart Gigabit Switch (LGS326)


Key features: The Linksys line up of Smart Switches were designed for business-class management, security, speed, and quality of service.  The new line helps provide SMB and resellers with some management tools to keep an office working efficiently. More info.

BlackDiamond X8

Product name: BlackDiamond X8

Additional pricing: for the 100G, the cost is $25,000 per port

Key features: intended to provide unified management and analytics with high performance networking to better support mobile, application and social networking driven environments.

Enterprise Cloud Services portal

Product name: Enterprise Cloud Services portal

Pricing: The portal is free as part of iland’s Enterprise Cloud Services. Example ECS implementation (portal included): 2GHz, 8GB Ram, 250GB Disk with Windows OS licensing for $290 per month

Key features: Reducing the complexity and unpredictability of cloud, iland’s Enterprise Cloud Services Spring release delivers new customizable alerts based on performance and cost analysis, VM and vApp management features and mobile browser support. More info.

data dimension

Product name: Cloud Private Network Connection (CNPC)

Pricing: Direct Connect - $1500 initial setup + $250/month per unit 

  • Private Connect - $750 initial setup + $125/month per unit

Key features: Establishes a dedicated network connection between organizations’ corporate networks and Dimension Data’s Public, Private and Managed Hosting cloud offerings globally for greater performance, control and security over their data in the cloud. More info.

SaltStack Proxy Minion

Product name - SaltStack Proxy Minion

Key features - provides network device management (proprietary gear with an API; dumb devices with limited CPU) including control, enumeration and discovery, status, and state configuration management. More info.

OpenDaylight Hydrogen

Slide body goes here.

ScienceLogic CloudMapper

Product name: ScienceLogic CloudMapper

Key features: CloudMapper is the first technology to permit organizations to monitor and visualize all of their off-premise AWS resources. CloudMapper covers virtually every Amazon service offering currently available. More info.

XLP500 Series

Product name: XLP500 Series

Key features: The XLP500 processor delivers four times more performance power compared to competitive solutions, and provides the agility needed to simplify and better enable deployments of SDN and NFV. More info.

Network OnDemand

Product name: Network OnDemand

Key features: an optimized connectivity solution for enterprises looking to consume global private bandwidth as a metered service, with dynamic provisioning. More info.

VIPRE Email Security for Exchange

Product name: VIPRE Email Security for Exchange

Key features: policy-based email security solution that defends networks against spam, phishing, viruses and other security threats transmitted via email. More info.

AXIS P1428-E Network Camera

Product name: AXIS P1428-E Network Camera

Key features: 4K Ultra HD camera: video resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30 fps, remote zoom and focus, memory card slot and I/O connectors – ideal for overlooking large areas, while capturing fine details. More info.

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory

Solution Name: Netwrix Auditor
Pricing:$2.5 to $9.5 per user (depends on a solution)
Key features:a configuration auditing solution for security, compliance and operations across the entire IT infrastructure. Netwrix Auditor audits the widest variety of systems and applications - more than any other solution on the market - including Active Directory, Exchange, Windows Server, file servers, VMware and others.

Printer Installer

Product name: Printer Installer

Key features: With Printer Installer, you can eliminate your print servers and centrally managed a global print environment. Our floor plan maps allow end users to easily identify and install their own printers. More info.

Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) for Azure

Product name:  Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) for Azure


Free – Licensed up to 100 SSL TPS

$1990 – Licensed up to 200 SSL TPS

$4990 – Licensed up to 1000 SSL TPS

$14990 – Licensed up to 10,000 SSL TPS

GSLB and TMG Replacement Features (ESP) included in price

Key features: The VLM for Azure, a full-featured, enterprise-class Layer 7 persistence load balancing solution, comes in three feature-enhanced profiles ranging up to 5Gb processing throughput and 10,000 SSL transactions per second. More info.


Product name: Stackato

Key features: New main features collectively focus on enhancing the security, scalability and ease of management for the Stackato platform:

  • Placement zones and availability zones;
  • Application auto-scaling;
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for applications.

More info.

Smart App Sinewave PR1500LCDRT2U UPS System

Product name:  Smart App Sinewave PR1500LCDRT2U UPS System

Key features: The PR1500LCDRT2U UPS protects critical corporate servers, network equipment and telecom installations. Features include full AVR, a rotatable multifunction LCD panel, Rack/tower flexibility, remote management capability, PowerPanel Business Edition software, Cisco compatibility and ENERGY STAR qualification. More info.

Product name: Stingray Traffic Manager 9.6 and Riverbed Stingray Services Controller 1.2

Pricing: Perpetual license beings at $5500, Subscription pricing begins at $193.

Key features: improve the performance of business applications like Microsoft SharePoint 2013; increase reliability and scalability on Amazon Web Services (AWS); deliver enhanced visibility of an ADC-as-a-Service deployment; and enable enterprise and service provider customers to easily deploy application delivery services on demand. More info.

Shuttle DS81

Product name: Shuttle DS81

Key features: Shuttle’s highest-definition digital signage player, the DS81, is designed for top-quality advertising, movie trailers and the like. The DS81 delivers action-packed multimedia graphics with a wide range of features designed for the most demanding vertical applications. More info.

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