What are you concerned about?

* A look at what messaging decision makers are conerned about

In a survey we conducted this summer, we asked messaging decision makers about a variety of issues in the context of how concerned they are about these issues compared to this time last year. Here’s what we found, ranked in order of the percentage of decision makers that are more concerned about particular issues than last year at this time:

* 40% of decision makers are more concerned about the need to archive e-mail now than they were just 12 months ago, while another 49% are just as concerned as they were last year.

* 31% are more concerned about solving e-mail-related storage problems than they were a year ago; another 54% are just as concerned as last year.

* 31% are more concerned about spyware infecting their network.

* 29% are more concerned about e-discovery issues.

* 28% are more concerned about Web-based threats.

* 27% are more concerned about spam.

What this indicates is that retaining data, newer types of external threats and the sheer volume of spam are the areas of greatest and growing concern to decision makers. We’re also finding that the two leading problems – archiving and e-mail storage – are increasingly connected in terms of how they are being resolved. While archiving has traditionally been driven by regulatory requirements and more recently e-discovery issues, many organizations are looking to archiving as a way of simply solving storage problems with the added benefits of regulatory compliance and e-discovery. Using an archiving system can solve three of the six problems listed above by archiving content for long periods of time, offloading e-mail server content to less expensive archival storage and providing ease of access for e-discovery.

As unified communications systems become more common and as voicemail and other content are stored in unified mailboxes, solving these three problems simply and inexpensively will become even more critical.

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