Cybercrime accelerates, software vulnerabilities dip; Kerberos gets second wind

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Cybercrime accelerates while software vulnerabilities dip, researchers find, 09/17/07: The number of software vulnerabilities recorded in the first half of this year declined, while the use of cybercrime toolkits accelerated, according to separate risk-assessment reports released today from IBM and Symantec.

Kerberos gets second wind, 09/17/07: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology next week is throwing a 20th birthday party for the Kerberos authentication system and the big present is a new consortium devoted to keeping the security system going well into the future.

McAfee looks to ease security mgmt., 09/17/07: McAfee Monday began shipping the fourth version of its ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) management console and also introduced a software development program that lets developers integrate third-party security products under ePO.

Defenses against DDoS strengthening: survey says, 09/17/07: While most networks are adept at repelling small distributed denial-of-service attacks, few are prepared for large-scale botnet attacks attacks that employ tens of thousands of zombie hosts, says a new report by Arbor Networks.

Insiders overtake viruses as biggest security worry, 09/14/07: Company insiders have overtaken viruses as the most reported security incident, the annual report from the respected U.S. Computer Security Institute (CSI) has reported.

Push for e-mail encryption: Cisco security expert Jamey Heary describes how IronPort PostX encrypts e-mails using push technology.

Next-generation firewalls will need wide variety of features, 09/14/07: Next-generation firewalls can inspect at the application layer and peer into SSL traffic.

Hacked GOP site infects visitors with malware, 09/14/07: A Republican Party Web site has been hacked, and for some time it has been spreading a variation of the long-running Storm Trojan horse to vulnerable visitors, a security researcher said Friday.

Chicago terrorist threat assessment leaked over P2P, 09/14/07: Officials at consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton are looking into how a Fox News reporter acquired a confidential terrorist threat assessment on Chicago over a public file-sharing network.

Names, contact info on TD Ameritrade customers compromised, 09/14/07: Brokerage firm TD Ameritrade Holding Friday disclosed that the names, addresses, phone numbers and "miscellaneous trading" information of potentially all of its more than 6 million retail and institutional customers have been compromised by an intrusion into one of its databases.

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