Whaleback targets bigger VoIP customers; VoIP update: What SMBs should consider

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Whaleback targets bigger VoIP customers, 09/18/07: VoIP managed-service provider Whaleback Systems now supports larger business customers and can back up access lines to keep phone service alive if one connection fails.

VoIP update: What small and midsize businesses should consider, 09/17/07: Although the self-anointed tech-savvy ften deride them, late adopters of technology sometimes have a distinct advantage in that they are working with proven, mature technologies. The key step for late adopters is knowing when the pendulum has swung from business risk to lost advantage and cost savings. For organizations yet to consider VoIP, please note that in this area, the pendulum is moving toward the latter very quickly.

United against Cisco: A Silicon Valley strategists reckons a combined Nortel-3Com-Polycom could beat Cisco. Do you agree?

Cisco: A quarter of acquisitions not working out: Howard Charney, Cisco senior VP admits to the audience at Networkers Australia that a quarter of Cisco's were bad. Which ones is he referring to?

Defenses against DDoS strengthening: survey, 09/17/07: While most networks are adept at repelling small distributed denial-of-service attacks, few are prepared for large-scale botnet attacks that employ tens of thousands of zombie hosts, says a new report by Arbor Networks.

Businesses lack control of network services, says Mitel, Newbridge founder, 09/17/07: Larry recently had the chance to discuss trends in convergence with Sir Terence (Terry) Matthews, chairman of Wesley Clover. Wesley Clover is in the business of building businesses as an active investor, and its portfolio includes a broad range of technology, leisure, and real estate investments.

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