Products of the week 03.31.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Arbor Networks and Lumeta.

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Outlet Metered PDU with Monitoring and Alarm Capabilities

Product name: Outlet Metered PDU with Monitoring and Alarm Capabilities

Key features: A rack-mount switched PDU that can notify administrators via email or SNMP when excessive current consumption, high rack temperatures, unresponsive devices, power supply interruptions and other critical events are detected. More info.

XenaCompact 10/100/1000Mbps

Product name – XenaCompact 10/100/1000Mbps

Key features - Xena offers a new class of L2-3 Gigabit Ethernet test equipment that delivers breakthrough price performance.  More info.

FortiGate-VM for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Product name: FortiGate-VM for AWS

Key features: is designed to help customers better mitigate potential blind spots by implementing network security controls including bi-directional stateful firewalling, intrusion prevention and VPN within their virtual private cloud (VPC). It enables the deployment of consolidated network security to protect virtual infrastructure and increase visibility and control over communications within virtualized and multi-tenant cloud environments. More info.

CohesiveFT VNS3 version 3.5

Product name: CohesiveFT VNS3 version 3.5

Key features: Hybrid cloud network device allows you to connect existing data center networks to any cloud: public, private, or hybrid. Create and manage your own VPN. Manage via UI or API. More info

CliQr App Store

Product name - CliQr App Store

Key features - provides enterprise users with self-service access, deployment, benchmarking, portability and management of more than 100 of the most popular, rich multi-tier applications on any private or public cloud. More info.


Product name – RM43260

Key features – Ideal for data center and cloud applications, the RM43260 is a high density storage JBOD chassis and sub-system 4U 60-Bay JBOD enclosure. It features data redundancy on a dual domain SAS controller, 80 Plus Gold PSU and PWM fans, and has a modular design. More info.

LiveHive’s Insights 2.0

Product name: Insights 2.0

Pricing:  $35 per month for a single user

$125 per month for up to 5 users

$495 per month for up to 25 users

Key features: sales teams can track who views and shares what information, when and from where. The solution provides sales professionals with real-time information on the communications that are working and those that aren’t with prospects. More info.

Endpoint Protector 4

Product name: Enforced Encryption on Removable Storage Devices for Mac OS X

Key features: the first Data Loss Prevention tool that provides Enforced Encryption to protect data copied from Apple's Mac OS X to removable storage devices. More info.


Zettaset Orchestrator’s Data-in-Motion Encryption for Hadoop

Product name: Zettaset Orchestrator’s Data-in-Motion Encryption for Hadoop

Key features: Data-in-motion encryption provides organizations with an additional layer of protection for their Hadoop clusters and sensitive data, eliminating access by unauthorized users. More info.

HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA

Product name: HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA

Key features: speeds time to value for analytics and data warehousing workloads with a system that is operational in as few as 15 days of ordering. More info.

HP Serviceguard for SAP HANA

Product name: HP Serviceguard for SAP HANA

Key features: an industry-first extension, developed for SAP HANA that ensures service levels with automated failover and disaster-tolerant support to help protect clients against unplanned downtime. More info.

Pravail Security Analytics

Product Name: Pravail Security Analytics

Key features: For advanced threat detection, incident response and security forensics, Pravail Security Analytics enables enterprises to see attacks on their global networks faster and in more detail than previously possible. More info.

Product name: virtual wireless LAN (vWLAN) 2.4

Key features: New vWLAN features—including built-in high-availability, intuitive GUI and real-time reporting dashboards—allow MSPs and resellers to more easily launch/manage cloud Wi-Fi services, increase revenue potential and lower overhead costs. More info.

Galaxy VM

Product name: Galaxy VM

Key features: a new three-phase UPS that employs the latest energy efficiency technology and fully integrates with Schneider Electric energy management solutions. More info.

Product name: airbackup


  • airbackup Standard starts at $79 per month (including 250 GB storage space); special price of $75 available through April 4, 2014
  • airbackup Pro starts at $169 per month (including 500 GB storage space); special price of $159 available through April 4, 2014

Key features: A fast, easy, and secure cloud-based data backup solution. Airbackup allows users to benefit from the typical cloud advantages while performing targeted backups, which do not interrupt daily operations. More info.

Lumeta ESI

Product Name:  Lumeta ESI (Enterprise Situational Intelligence)

Key features:  listens to and crawls physical or virtual networks in near-real time, and enables organizations to gain network situational awareness of their presence in private, public and hybrid clouds. More info.

Barracuda Spam Firewall

Product name – Barracuda Spam Firewall on AWS 

Key features – brings best-of-breed spam and virus blocking, data protection, DoS prevention, email continuity, encryption, and policy management to customers migrating their email infrastructure to the AWS cloud. More info.