Barbarians inside the firewall; Build yourself a botwall

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Exploiting Web 2.0: Barbarians inside the firewall, 09/21/07: Although Web 2.0 has enriched the Internet with some great new capabilities, it has also brought some very unpleasant ones, namely a whole class of new security threats that can silently install when a user visits a compromised Web site.

FireEye network battles bots, 09/24/07: FireEye is installing malware detectors in ISP networks so it can tell its corporate customers when their machines have been commandeered by bots.

BioPassword has an alternative to smart cards, 09/24/07: BioPassword is extending its user-authentication methods to include one-time passwords delivered to cell phones, providing an alternative to authentication tokens.

IM gets Caller ID feature from Presensoft, 09/24/07: Security vendor Presensoft Monday unveiled a caller ID system for instant messaging that uses certificates to validate the identity of the users on either end of a connection over public IM networks.

FBI investigates Unisys over U.S. government hack, 09/24/07: IT systems integrator Unisys is under fire for allegedly failing to detect the hacking of U.S. Department of Homeland Security computers, an incident that resulted in data being sent to a Chinese-language Web site.

Unix admin pleads guilty to planting logic bomb, 09/21/07: A former Unix system administrator at Medco Health Solutions' Fair Lawn, N.J., office on Wednesday pleaded guilty in federal court to attempting to sabotage critical data, including individual prescription drug data, on more than 70 servers.

Video: NAC going beyond the desktop: Network Access Control (NAC) is moving beyond the desktop to touch every connected device. The experts at The Security Standard conference explain the ramifications.

Build yourself a botwall, 09/24/07: Chief security officers have a panoply of tools to protect their companies' IT and data assets. There's the hoary firewall, the intrusion-detection system and its intrusion-protection system cousin, and antivirus and antispyware software. Now there's something new and increasingly important to add to IT's defensive perimeter: the botwall.

Symantec revamps endpoint security product, 09/24/07: Symantec Monday unveiled its retooled enterprise desktop security product and management console and announced the phased retirement of existing standalone security products.


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