Web application disaster planning; 7 ways to improve enterprise search

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Web application disaster planning, 09/24/07: On the evening of Sept. 17, one of the biggest hosting providers, Layered Technologies in Plano, Texas, suffered a major security breech. Hackers managed to access the company’s support database and download client data on something between 5,000 and 6,000 user accounts.

7 ways to improve enterprise search, 09/25/07: Bad enterprise search is a common problem in businesses – but it’s not always the vendor’s fault. Customers pay big bucks for enterprise search software but they often don’t have a strategy for deploying the program effectively.

GPL lawsuit may be settled out of court, 09/25/07: Monsoon Multimedia and the Software Freedom Law Center are discussing a settlement regarding Monsoon's open source licensing violation, but a deal isn't certain.

iPhone users gain creative management tools, 09/25/07: iPhone users involved in heading-up creative graphics and design businesses can now control many of their business systems using their choice of mobile device.

IM gets Caller ID feature from Presensoft, 09/24/07: Security vendor Presensoft Monday unveiled a caller ID system for instant messaging that uses certificates to validate the identity of the users on either end of a connection over public IM networks.

Nexaweb hails mashups, 09/24/07: With an upgrade to its Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite being released Monday, Nexaweb will focus on visual capabilities for building mashups.

GhostReader text-to-speech adds iPhone, iPod export, 09/19/07: ConvenienceWare and AssistiveWare on Tuesday released GhostReader (formerly TextParrot) 1.1.1, an update to their text to speech software for Mac OS X. A free update for registered users, GhostReader costs $39.95 to register.

IM is the biggest, most overlooked threat, 09/19/07: Messaging guru Michael Osterman discusses the overlooked IM threat, the best low-cost archiving solutions and how social networking affects the enterprise in this chat transcript.

Windows Server 2008 RC0 just dropped: Microsoft Subnet blogger John Obeto writes about the general release of Windows Server 2008 Relaease Candidate 0. “This must-have beta contains Microsoft’s first public iteration of the it’s hypervisor, codenamed Viridian.” Also see: When it arrives, Microsoft hypervisor will outshine VMware.

Chat with Amazon.com’s CTO live: If ever there were a man that knew how to eek out capacity and secure a data center, it would be Werner Vogels, vice president & CTO of Amazon.com. Join him for a live chat on Monday Oct. 1 from 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. EDT. No registration is required, but those who RSVP “yes” to community editor Julie Bort in advance will be eligible for a Network World T-shirt.

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