5 reasons Macs are gaining ground in the enterprise

How Apple is winning over the enterprise without even trying

5 reasons Macs are gaining ground in the enterprise. Read a story version.

The Trojan Horse effect

IPhones and iPads are sneaking into the enterprise with or without the knowledge and consent of IT departments. In fact, Forrester Research predicts that Apple will sell $19 billion in Macs and iPads to enterprises in 2012, up 58% from 2011. Once corporate execs get hooked on iPads, it’s hard to tell them they can’t have a Mac.

Digital natives

Whether you call them Generation X, Generation Y or Digital Natives, new employees are not going to be happy running Windows XP.

Apps in the cloud

As more and more applications are being hosted in the cloud, the operating system on the desktop or laptop becomes less of an issue.

XP fatigue

It’s estimated that 50% of companies are still running Windows XP, which is now 10 years old. Most employees have newer, better, more stable, more secure operating systems on their home computers. And employees who have iPads feel an even high level of frustration with things like taking forever to boot, freezing, crashing, etc.

Coolness factor

There was a time when senior execs wanted to be seen carrying a serious, heavy-duty Windows laptop that meant business. A laptop with enough horsepower to run spreadsheets and deliver presentations. Today, however, you can do everything the power laptop of five years ago could do, and you can do it on an Apple device that's sleek and stylish and says that you can afford the very best.