Rent A Cert: A good idea for Cisco partners and cert holders?

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Rent A Cert: A good idea for Cisco partners and cert holders?What do you think? 

Brad Reese on Cisco writes about Rent A Cert, a Web site launched a week ago: "Rent A Cert seeks to line the pockets of Cisco certification holders with extra cash, while simultaneously preying on the desperation of those in the channel who wish to improve their partnership levels on the cheap, to either Cisco Silver or Cisco Gold status (and the coveted partner discounts that go along with each status)." It's not illegal for Cisco cert holders to do this nor is it illegal for companies to simply pay these folks for the use of their names and certification numbers, but is it ethical? Aren't customers ultimately the losers in this?


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Brad Reese on Cisco: Suggestion for maintaining control of a self-funded Cisco CCIE number

A discussion has been ongoing at about maintaining control of a self-funded Cisco CCIE number. A Cisco gold partner employee has been self-funding the expenses of his CCIE lab exam, including taking unpaid leave. Therefore, the employee does not want his CCIE number assigned to his employer upon passing the CCIE lab exam. Instead, the employee wants the option of leaving his employer and immediately having his CCIE number associated with his new employer.

Jeff Doyle on IP Routing: Fast Reroute without MPLS?

I’ve been a long-time advocate of MPLS, because it enables simplification: You can eliminate your ATM and Frame Relay infrastructures and consolidate your virtual circuits onto your routed IP infrastructure.

Author Expert Wendell Odom: VTP clients updating servers (and answers to questions)

When I first heard that a VTP client can update a VTP server under the right conditions, I was frankly a non-believer. No way. I'd seen evidence to the contrary in several documents at and in Cisco courses - but all the evidence was written, without my doing any experiments. So, I spent some time experimenting a few years ago, and found that it's true - clients can overwrite VTP server's VLAN databases. And this matters for the exam and for real life in some cases, so it seemed a good topic to talk about this week.

ChannelSurfing with Ken Presti: Rented certifications: What’s that about?

There’s a series of TV commercials in which people are confidently doing some skilled, professional task and then admit they’re not really experts, but they did sleep in this particular hotel last night. That theme came to mind when I read Brad Reese’s blog about a company that’s offering to match channel partners with certified personnel (CCIE, CCNP, etc.) – not for hiring them -- but for renting their badge so they can appear on paper to be more skilled than they really are.

Michael Morris' Notes from the Field: Calculating a simple ROI for your next project

Designing and buildings networks is a great job and career. However, all networks are built for a purpose, most often a business purpose. When proposing new network projects, decision makers (i.e. managers) want to know what business benefits they will get from a project. While there are many different business benefits - such as increased productivity, better customer service, and strategic relationships - one of best benefits to demonstrate to management is Return on Investment (ROI). 

Jamey Heary: Cisco Security Expert: Security collaboration: Cisco IPS and Cisco Wireless

Not many people realize that the Cisco IPS 4200 Series sensors can collaborate with a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller(WLC) to defend the network. This solution allows you to extend your security protection way beyond what the embedded wireless signatures can offer. It moves your wireless attack detection/prevention capabilities from the solely Layer 2 realm, that embedded wireless signatures offer, into the Layer 2-7 realm. And since Layer 2-7 protection is arguably where you want/need to be this solution gets you there.


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