Delaware shares its R&D expertise

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Delaware shares its R&D expertise: The University of Delaware has a new web site highlighting its research efforts. Research centers promoted on the site include those devoted to remote sensing, disasters and energy conversion. Plenty of interesting projects underway, though not a lot of network-oriented ones jumping out at us.

New tech could respond to your frustration or boredom with this article: The National Science Foundation is funding research that could enable computers to respond to your levels of frustration or boredom. In other words, we're talking about "mind reading" technology.

Can you spot a phish? Play Carnegie Mellon’s game and see: Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed an online game designed to teach Internet users about the dangers of phishing.

Xerox's PARC wants to help you create the next Ethernet -- or whatever it is you want to build: PARC, a Xerox company, is formalizing the process through which it works with young companies and entrepreneurs in an effort to help them be successful while also enriching itself. The Startup@PARC program gives entrepreneurs access to PARC's scientific minds and intellectual property in exchange for cash, royalties, equity compensation or some combo of that.

New Web site tracks worldwide Internet traffic: Despite the fact that more and more people are dishing up video and other bandwidth-saturating content, Internet traffic growth rates are actually slowing down, according to a new Web site at the University of Minnesota.

NSF grant goes to telemedicine researchers integrating RFID with cardiac sensor networks: Telemedicine researchers have been awarded a $400,000 grant to work on integrating RFID technology with cardiac sensor networks used to monitor patients’ heartbeats.

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