20 eye-popping DEMO 2012 tech products

Fantasy politics, unmasking enhanced images, an electric skateboard and a handful of innovative enterprise products headline DEMO 2012 in Santa Clara.

The DEMO Spring 2012 conference is upon us, where companies from across the globe will vie for the attention of attendees and the business of those keeping track of the action from home. More than 60 participants have made the trip to Santa Clara to showcase innovations ranging from cloud-based enterprise apps for small businesses to a weight-sensored electric skateboard and a fantasy politics website that is exactly what it sounds like. If you can’t be there to see for yourself, browse through to get a peek at the top highlights. DEMO is produced by Network World parent company IDG Enterprise and VentureBeat. Read about the hottest new enterprise IT products.

Past Demos: 2011 and 2010 

Yogurtistan 3D

Yogurtistan 3D is a three-dimensional virtual world where users can build characters, play games, purchase digital content and even “set up shop” to sell their own. The entire experience takes place in a browser, and those already running Adobe Flash don’t need to download or install anything to get started.


A solution to a problem many people are familiar with, ZigMail is a separate email account into which all junk email from social media, deals sites and others that aren’t necessarily critical are forwarded. The user’s original email address then becomes a barebones personal mailbox, which receives daily snapshots from ZigMail that shows what junk mail has come in, allowing users to decide whether they want to deal with it or not.

ShowOff Home Stager

Besides being a fun interactive interface for killing time redesigning both sample homes and those that they upload, the ShowOff Home Stager allows the created image to become a reality. Completed projects can be sent to contractors or other home improvement companies that can make a bid for them.

BizSlate ERP

BizSlate’s ERP solution caters to small businesses that may have lacked the financial liberty to invest in ERP tools, extending the reach to remote users through its SaaS delivery. Considering that 55% of SMB respondents to a 2011 Aberdeen survey said they would consider SaaS-based ERP, BizSlate may be onto something.

Cinsay Social Commerce Platform with the Smart Container.

Cinsay aims to target the burgeoning online video advertising market, and then take it one step further. By injecting ecommerce capabilities into the advertisements in online videos, Cinsay enables customers to make purchases without closing out the video they’re watching or even opening up a new webpage. Check out this video for more information.


What seems like a simple mobile app for custom emoticons could make a profound difference in the healthcare and educational fields. Developed by Iconicast, Smurks’ interactive, adjustable interface for displaying emotion can be a breakthrough in education for students with autism or for hospital patients attempting to express themselves despite limitations due to illness or injury. Being available on a mobile device can also help alert support staff of an issue with a remote student or patient.


With the objective of consolidating overall enterprise management for product-based small businesses, Agiliron keeps tabs on sales channels, back- and front-office resources, and business intelligence and analytics, all in a SaaS format.


Either the best thing ever or the worst thing ever, CrowdFanatic basically instigates those often offensive arguments that arise in the comment sections of social networks or news websites, and contains them on their own site. Users log in with their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+), eliminating the wall of anonymity they could hide behind, and chime in on arguments that range from Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama to Evolution vs. Creationism to Olivia Wilde vs. Megan Fox.


NetworkClean aims to help people help themselves on social media. By basically handing over the keys to a social media account to NetworkClean, customers put a watchdog on guard to police social networks for incriminating posts, inappropriate content from other users, or to resolve a customer complaint before too many other users see it.


Finally, a product that aims to prevent those awkward moments on conference calls. Voxeet improves sound quality and identifies who’s speaking when with a corresponding software program that essentially puts virtual faces to the voices.


Another tool for small- and midsized businesses, Tabillo provides a web-based collaboration resource for co-workers and partners to share and access data as well as create custom apps and organize workloads for individual users’ productivity.

Fantasy Politics

Just as its name suggests, teams of politicians and pundits are built in exactly the same fashion as fantasy baseball or football teams are out of athletes. Scoring is then based on “their real-life actions.” Even more interesting are capabilities of trading, adding, dropping or benching political players and pundits, something many of us wish we could do in real life.


While search engines have come a long way, they aren’t always the simplest or quickest method of finding the latest data on worldwide trends. Knoema is a good alternative. Entering the search term “water population in India,” for example, returns 14 charts on just the first page. Knoema could be especially useful in academics, for those with upcoming thesis papers due who have been drowning in a sea of open tabs and windows.


Not an alternative search engine, but a new layout option that actually improves upon the interfaces Google or Bing has put out. With integrated default Google search engine, as well as the option to switch to Bing or Yahoo, Slikk displays the full webpage linked to search results within the same page, allowing the user to navigate throughout the website with the remaining search results still at hand. Its Multi-View interface is another plus, allowing web, image, news, video, blogs and even Twitter search results to display alongside one another in the same window.


Called an in-memory data grid, Hazelcast is an open source data distribution platform that essentially reorganizes some of the potentially obstructive but necessary data management processes to eliminate those which cause application latency and crashes. Support adds another layer, making patching and responses to load issues the concerns of others. Hazelcast is a potentially useful tool for cloud application developers looking to speed up the development process.


PositiveTALK is a social media app that measures how positive users’ Twitter and Facebook status updates are, helping those interested in spreading positivity find each other on social networks. Kind of the opposite of FavStar, which measures how funny (and sometimes offensive) Twitter users are, PositiveTALK gives a rating based on each user’s positivity. With an eye toward the positive-minded, PositiveTALK is looking to create a filter for like-minded social media users to create a network of their own.


In the graphic design world, websites like 99 Designs and Hatchwise connect the wide base of internet-connected designers hungry for work with the potential projects they previously wouldn’t have been able to find. Why not do the same with architecture projects? Through Archability, anyone with a need for an architectural project can put their requests up for grabs and watch architects throw their hats into the ring. The user can then browse the bids and see each architect’s relevant portfolio and resume to gauge which would be the best.


App stores will soon reach the point at which we can no longer keep count of how many apps they offer. Similar to the boom of websites in the .com era, it is also quickly becoming more difficult to distinguish safe apps from those infected with malware. TrustGo’s system allows users to search for the apps they want without unintentionally downloading something unsafe. A quick search for “Angry Birds Space,” for example, shows two of the top three are certified, while the Angry Birds Space Free Fan App is not. This could be especially useful for new smartphone owners who may be locked into a two-year contract with a phone that was infected on their very first app download.


Every fashion advertiser’s nightmare, Verifeyed can quickly scan an image and tell what about it has been modified. The company’s suggested uses also bring bad news for college students, as it can spot fake IDs, as well as those looking to commit insurance fraud. But perhaps the most universal use for Verifeyed is forcing online daters to be honest about themselves, as this video suggests.


It’s an electric skateboard whose speed and brakes are dictated by the weight applied by the skater’s front and back feet. Watch the video once and see if you don’t find yourself involuntarily ordering one before it’s over.

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