iPhoneography: Amazing artwork created using an iPhone

The inaugural LA Mobile Arts Festival in Santa Monica this week features more than 600 images of artwork, all of which originated from the lens of an iPhone

A new wave of "mobile art" has sprung, specifically in Southern California where this week the inaugural LA Mobile Arts Festival is taking place in Santa Monica. All of the 600 images on display through this weekend were originally taken using an iPhone and then edited using a variety of mobile apps and computer software techniques. The festival features 225 artists hailing from 30 countries and 25 states. Here are a dozen examples of before and after shots, along with the artists revealing the effects used to create the finished product. For more information on the festival, click here

Image: Man with Feathers, by Marie Matthews

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The Countenance is a portrait of the sole (original)

Artist: Bob Weil

The Countenance is a portrait of the sole

Effects used: Laminar, Pixlromatic, Photoshop Touch and Photogene2 and miscellaneous textures and photographed handwriting

Orange Peel (original)

Artist: Dan Marcolina

Orange Peel

Effects used: Unavailable

HerRo's Hotel (original)

Artist: Alan Kastner

Effects used: Lomora 2, DXP, Juxtaposer, Photocopier, Filterstorm. Kastner layered five images taken inside the same old building to create the final image.

Solitude (original)

Artist: Allison Pistohl


Effects used: Superimpose (to cut out the chimpanzee from original background), Decim8 (distorted image, as a result caused the mirror image of the chimpanzee), PicGrunger (for burlap texture), PhotoFX (for light filters), Blender (to blend with a picture previously taken of the sun setting and then to blend with previous steps), TouchReTouch (to remove unwanted elements of the image)

When The Man Comes Around (original)

Artist: Michael Hill

When The Man Comes Around

Effects used: Original image taken with Qbro on an iphone 4S in New Orleans

Apps used for editing: camera+, tilt shift gen, modern grunge, superimpose, photo forge 2

Pestilence (original)

Artist: Michael Hill


Effects used: Original image taken with camera+ on an iPhone 4 (edited on a 4S) in Orlando, Fla.

Apps used for editing: camera+, tilt shift gen, pic grunger, superimpose, color splash

Flying Birds (original)

Artist: Ali Jardine

Flying Birds

Effects used: Unavailable

Down Hill, Home (original)

Artist: Allison Pistohl

Down Hill, Home

Effects used: TouchReTouch (to remove fence and other unwanted elements of the image), Iris (to crop image), BlurFX (to blur out background) Artista Haiku (applies a watercolor effect to entire image), Artista Sketch (applies a sketched effect to image), Blender (to blend previous steps), PicGrunger (for burlap texture), Blender (to mask image and blend with previous steps)

Silverina (original)

Artist: Helen Breznik

Silverina (original)

Breznik combines three photos together to make this image.


Effects used: Juxtaposer to combine three images together, along with Slowshutter to create motion effect

Mysterious Stranger (original)

Artist: Bob Weil

Mysterious Stranger

Effects used: Photoshop Touch, Photogene2, Pixlromatic and Laminar

Young Girl At Window (original)

Artist: Allison Pistohl

Young Girl At Window

Effects used: SlowShutter (to capture the image), BlurFX (to blur out background), Camera+ (to add color filters), ScratchCam (to add scratch filters), AntiCrop (to resize and crop into a square), Blender (to blend previous steps together)

Impression (original)

Artist: Jacqueline Gaines


Effects used: ArtistsTouch, PhotoCopier, iColorama, ScratchCam, Retouch, Sketchbook