Products of the week 11.11.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Radware and NetMotion

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

RAM 6021 industrial router

Product name: RAM 6021 industrial router

Key features: Facilitates seamless communication between local and wide area networks, but rugged enough for extreme environmental conditions. RAM 6021 prevents unwanted network intrusions in the connected factory and remote locations. More info.

Locality Cloud

Product name: Locality Cloud

Key features: Hosted version of application that lets IT groups monitor what’s happening with mobile workers on cellular networks: collecting and analyzing data on connectivity issues, identifying and solving mobile problems. More info.

Anonymous Incident Portal

Product name – Anonymous Incident Portal

Key features - a web service that lets users securely and anonymously report incidents, complaints and violations while allowing organizations to manage issues internally. More info.

Baidu Antivirus

Product name: Baidu Antivirus

Key features: a permanently free antivirus and cloud security application. New feature: complete built-in protection from Virut botnet. More info.

Alteon LBaaS

Product Name: Alteon LBaaS

Product Description: application delivery controller (ADC) solution that offers  Load Balancing as a Service natively built into the Havana version of OpenStack’s Neutron LBaaS driver. Alteon LBaaS solution integrates advanced ADC functionality in the OpenStack infrastructure for enterprise organizations considering to deploy OpenStack. The new solution ensures consistent QoE, provides performance consistency of network services across multiple tenants, and allows quick roll-out of new application delivery services. More info. 

AFORE Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Encryption Suite

Product Name: AFORE Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Encryption Suite

Key features: AFORE secures sensitive data for VDI, application servers and storage with enterprise-controlled key management and a single security management plane across private, hybrid and public clouds including AWS VPC and EC2. More info.

Vaultive Platform 3.4

Product name: Vaultive Platform 3.4

Key features: extends support to Box, Yammer, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP SuccessFactors and other leading cloud applications. Integrations with DLP and eDiscovery in Office 365 also powers sensitive content detection. More info.

Aerospike 3 NoSQL database on Internap’s AgileSERVER bare-metal cloud

Product name: Aerospike 3 NoSQL database on Internap’s AgileSERVER bare-metal cloud

Key features: Combines Aerospike’s leading NoSQL database with the Internap’s AgileSERVER bare-metal cloud, resulting in a global “fast big data” platform that processes massive amounts of data in milliseconds. More info.

Commons Cloud

Product name: Commons Cloud

Key features: is the only collaboration solution that maintains a complete, permanent and easily accessible record of every edit, version, and comment about every file. More info.

AdRem NetCrunch 7.3

Product name: AdRem NetCrunch 7.3

Key features: has rule-based monitoring and smart network rediscovery to maintain long-term control of ever changing network, systems and applications. More info.

Virtual Office Mobile 4.0

Product name -- Virtual Office Mobile 4.0

Key features -- Turns iPhone, iPad and Android into a desk-phone over 3G, 4G and WiFi. Make/take calls, extension dial with video, transfer, conference, chat, visual voicemail, manage faxes for BYOD. More info.

OpenSpan Activity Intelligence

Product name: OpenSpan Activity Intelligence

Key features: is a new, SaaS-based solution designed to provide actionable insight into interaction business intelligence, worker activity, process flows, and technology diagnostics. More info.

Unisys Mobile Environment Management 2.0

Product name: Unisys Mobile Environment Management 2.0

Key features: is a set of cloud-based or on-premise managed mobility services for supporting mobile users and managing and securing mobile resources–from devices to expenses. More info.

Velocity Zoom

Product name: Velocity Zoom

Key features: IT leadership can examine transaction performance from the enterprise level down to a specific user’s experience, monitor application performance trends, and compare their statistics to the aggregate of Velocity’s customer community. More info.

Alpine 3.0

Product name: Alpine 3.0 

Key features: the first visual, script-less and web-based advanced analytics solution for Hadoop and Big Data. The new software release enables business analysts to create and deploy predictive models on the web using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Workshare Protect Server

Product name: Workshare Protect Server

Key features: extends corporate data security policies to safeguard high-value content shared via email and webmail on mobile devices, eliminating employee risk of leaking sensitive data. More info.

OpenAM 11.0

Product name: OpenAM 11.0

Key features: OpenAM is the first access management solution that goes beyond the classic “castle defense” of legacy IAM, leveraging identity to extend business reach, drive new business models and grow revenue. More info.

EventTracker 7.5

Product name – EventTracker 7.5

Key features - brings new features and licensing models for MSP/MSSPs, integration with Threat Intelligence feeds and options for embedded vulnerability scans and intrusion detection. More info.