A sweet and geeky tour of PEZ Candy headquarters

Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek characters all dispense PEZ candies

PEZ, those sweet candy rectangles emitted from colorful plastic dispensers featuring character heads, get their start at a factory in Orange, Conn., U.S. company headquarters since 1974. A visitors’ center opened in December of 2011, allowing PEZ fans a chance to see how the candies are made and to browse a wide-ranging collection of PEZ collectibles and memorabilia. We naturally scoped out the geekiest parts of the tour for your viewing pleasure here.

Some 3 billion PEZ are consumed annually, and here’s a peek inside the factory where they are produced.

Another factory shot.

PEZ traces its history back to 1927 when Austria’s Eduard Haas III concocted PEZ as an adult breath mint and alternative to smoking. The name PEZ comes from the German word for peppermint, “pfefferminz.”

PEZ space gun dispensers debuted in 1956. You’ll shoot your eye out!

Chewy, Yoda and the gang got PEZ treatment starting in the 1990s, as PEZ began release of four series of Star Wars dispensers. Star Wars holds the distinction of being the most popular licensed PEZ dispensers of all time.

Darth Vader actor David Prowse autographed this PEZ dispenser.

Giant Star Wars PEZ dispensers.

The ultimate PEZ dispenser for a fancy night out.

Ultimate PEZ outfit for any occasion.

Pokemon PEZ dispensers. Catch ‘em all!

What goes together better than PEZ and video games?

Not only can you buy collectible PEZ dispensers on eBay, but there are eBay PEZ dispensers, too. They became available around the year 2000 and were available exclusively via the eBay website. Four sets of 5,000 were made and quickly sold out. EBay reportedly made glow-in-the-dark versions available to employees.

PEZ dispenser dispensers.

Trekkies, you knew we wouldn’t leave you out.

Lord of the Ring meets PEZ.

Saved this for last. The ULTRA RARE Mickey Mouse Soft Head dispenser! PEZ says such dispensers have fetched up to $2,000 from collectors.