Microsoft's Ballmer says Red Hat customers should "compensate us"

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Microsoft's Ballmer says Red Hat customers should "compensate us" October 09, 2007(Read more)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says Red Hat Linux uses intellectual property owned by Microsoft and that Red Hat's customers should pay Microsoft for it.

  Ballmer made the claim, an echo of earlier remarks aimed at the open source community, during a presentation at a Microsoft event Oct. 4 in London. "People who use Red Hat, at least with respect to our intellectual property, in a sense have an obligation eventually to compensate us," Ballmer stated, according to news reports, and a video of his remarks posted online.

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Canonical chases deal to ship Ubuntu server OS October 09, 2007(Read more)

Canonical Ltd., the company that supports Ubuntu Linux, is trying to work out a deal with hardware vendors such as Dell Inc. to make Ubuntu available preinstalled on servers.

  So far, Canonical has struck deals with small, white-label hardware vendors to ship Ubuntu Server Edition, said Gerry Carr, marketing manager. Another one of those deals is pending, although Carr did not name the manufacturer.

  But Canonical is in discussions with "multinational" hardware vendors for a big server deal, which could boost its standing in the enterprise market among Linux giants Red Hat Inc. and Novell Inc.

Sun's new servers powered for virtualization October 09, 2007 12:00 AM(Read more)

Sun is introducing new rack and blade servers Tuesday running its UltraSPARC T2 processors, pitching them as ideal for virtualization and energy efficiency. Sun also is developing a software suite that it says can virtualize both competitors' systems and its own.

Open source CMSes worth the price October 09, 2007(Read more)

InfoWorld's Mike Heck looks at open source content management software. "When last surveying open source Web content management systems (CMS) I provided some common-sense advice. For example, it's important to look for not just functionality but also frequent updates, a healthy user community, and the availability of professional support. Some points are still true today, but new offerings may get you rethinking the role of these products in your enterprise."

Kernel space: a simplified security framework for Linux October 09, 2007(Read more)

The Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel is a security module designed to harden Linux systems through the addition of mandatory access control policies; it was covered here last August. Like SELinux, SMACK works by attaching labels to processes, files, and other system objects and implementing rules describing what kinds of access are allowed by specific combinations of labels. Unlike SELinux, though, SMACK was designed specifically for simplicity of administration.

Microsoft's open source chief takes on Windows server marketing October 08, 2007(Read more)

The leader of Microsoft's integration efforts around open source software and its proprietary technologies is expanding his role by adding the title "general manager of Windows server marketing," further indication that Microsoft plans to crank up the volume on its Windows/Linux story.

  Bill Hilf, who is the director of Microsoft's Open Source Lab, and whose former title was general manger of platform strategy, added his new responsibilities in the past month, according to a Microsoft spokesman. Hilf's new title is general manager of Windows server marketing and platform strategy. Hilf is not eliminating any of the current responsibilities under his former title, which include coordinating projects across Microsoft platforms and long-term strategic planning in the server and tools division.

Why Google's GPhone won't kill Apple's iPhone October 08, 2007(Read more)

Google is putting the final touches on a mobile-phone project, but unlike Apple's iPhone the so-called GPhone is all about software for mobile carriers and mobile advertisers.

  Google's goal is to extend its dominance in online advertising to the emerging mobile advertising market, which is small today but expected to grow dramatically in the years ahead, according to a news report in the International Herald Tribune.

France kicks off nationwide spam fight October 05, 2007(Read more)

France is hoping to shut down spammers more quickly through a system that makes it easier for users to notify ISPs when unsolicited e-mails are coming from their network.

  The French government funded the development of an open-source toolbar for Microsoft's Outlook and Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail programs that people can use to report suspected spam, said John Graham-Cumming, an Englishman who built the software for the project, called Signal Spam.

MontaVista, Arm, others to build Linux UMPC platform October 04, 2007(Read more)

A group of seven companies including Mozilla, Arm and MontaVista Software are hoping to grow the market for a relatively new device category that sits in between a smart phone and a laptop.

Science stumbles on with Ig Nobel awards October 04, 2007(Read more)

Research into the mystery of wrinkles on bed sheets, the bottomless bowl of soup and the effect of Viagra on hamster jet lag dominated the awards Thursday night at the annual Ig Nobel awards at Harvard University.

Amazon MP3 may emerge as iTunes rival October 04, 2007(Read more)

It boasts a DRM-free selection, variable pricing, and cross-platform compatibility. But does the new digital music service from have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the 800-pound gorilla of the digital music retail world, Apple's iTunes Store?

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