Products of the week 11.19.12

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as IBM, McAfee and Palo Alto

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Alfresco Mobile 1.4

Product name: Alfresco Mobile 1.4

Key features: Alfresco Mobile 1.4 is the first to allow people to access content on their mobile device, work on it, then sync it back safely to their on-premise networks. More info.

Agiliance COBIT 5 Content Pack

Product name - Agiliance COBIT 5 Content Pack

Key features - The Agiliance COBIT 5 Content Pack provides an automated framework for addressing IT governance, security and regulatory compliance challenges that span BYOD, big data, cloud computing, and cyber security threats. More info.

Revolution R Enterprise 6.1

Product name: Revolution R Enterprise 6.1

Pricing: Revolution R Enterprise Workstation starts at $1,000 per user. Revolution R Enterprise Server is priced by the core, and there is no user limit. Servers start at around $30,000 for an 8-core server.

Key features: Revolution R Enterprise 6.1 is commercial-grade analytics software built on open source R for enterprise-class data analytics. New features include Hadoop integration, big data decision trees and improved Linux Installer. More info.

IBM Mobile Foundation

Product name: IBM Mobile Foundation

Key features: Mobile Foundation Enterprise Edition brings together application development, connectivity and management capabilities into a single integrated package that supports a wide variety of mobile devices and application types. More info.

Sophos UTM 100 with BasicGuard

Product name: Sophos UTM 100 with BasicGuard

Key features: The comprehensive new appliance with BasicGuard was built exclusively for small businesses, setting a new standard for feature-rich small business security solutions – offering network, email, web and wireless protection together. More info.

Jaspersoft 5

Product name: Jaspersoft 5

Key features: Jaspersoft 5 offers significantly improved data analysis capabilities, including a new, innovative visualization engine that provides business users with a simpler way to interact with data. More info.

Globalscape Business Activity Monitoring

Product Name: Globalscape Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Key features: Globalscape BAM is a new IT and business monitoring dashboard offering a sleek and simple interface, accessible by administrators and end users allowing complete visibility into file transfers. In addition, partners can now have customized, real-time visibility into their data transfers so they will always know where their data is in the file transfer process. More info.

Network Assurance 6.5

Product Name: Network Assurance 6.5

Key features: Network Assurance 6.5 introduces a new capability to overlay identified host vulnerabilities on a visual network map, allowing security managers to quickly spot potential exploits from an attacker’s point of view. More info.


Product name: Lattus-X

Key features: Quantum’s family of wide area storage solutions, Lattus, provides globally distributed disk-based archives that are extremely scalable and cost-effective, and allows storage of data forever on disk without interruption or migration. More info.

Keylight 3.0

Product name: Keylight 3.0

Key features: Advanced Reporting: Redesigned user interface simplifies reporting • Content Integration Innovations: Formulas inside record fields automatically calculate risk levels • Enhanced Assessment capabilities: Easily generate findings to speed investigations and remediation. More info.

STORServer Console v3.0

Product name: STORServer Console v3.0

Pricing: • STORServer Console for 1 TSM server: $2,800 (USD) • STORServer Console additional server license, all CPUs: $1,495 (USD) • Certified STORServer Console remote installation: $995 (USD)

Key features: STORServer Console v3.0 allows IBM Tivoli Storage Manager users to operate their environment entirely from an easy-to-use interface, while maintaining the latest robust, feature-rich complexity of TSM. The software now supports client node replication and offers numerous reporting enhancements. More info.

OPSWAT Security Score

Product name: OPSWAT Security Score

Key features: OPSWAT Security Score is a free tool that scans your computer for the status of your installed security applications and provides a score along with recommendations on how to improve. More info.

Compliance Auditor

Product name: Compliance Auditor

Key features: Compliance Auditor enables anytime, anywhere auditing of virtually any system or asset on the network. With a mobile touch interface, one can easily manage accounts, attach evidence, and send access validation audit messages. More info.

Cobalt Iron Data Protection Portfolio

Product name: Cobalt Iron Data Protection Portfolio

Key features: Cobalt Iron Data Protection Portfolio is a single-source solution of enterprise data protection delivered in either public cloud or private cloud model and supporting appliances for complete protection. More info.

Product name: SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor

Key features: SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor (WPM) provides powerful, scalable features to track the response time and health of Web applications and websites, maintaining business-critical uptime. More info.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Product name: SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Key features: SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor delivers real-time dashboards to visually track and monitor network performance, with added support for Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus 1000v, VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V and more. More info.

Accellion kitepoint

Product name – Accellion kitepoint

Key features – Accellion’s kitepoint mobilizes enterprise content securely without need for a VPN and provides unified, mobile access to and sharing of files stored within Enterprise Content Management systems, including SharePoint. More info.

Application Control

Product Name: Application Control

Key Features: Application Control intercepts Wi-Fi traffic at the network edge – before entering the core network – providing full control to manage traffic by applications, users and devices, granting appropriate access and bandwidth to each. More Info.


Product name: VM-Series

Key features: The VM-Series extends secure application enablement into virtualized environments while addressing key virtualization security challenges: tracking security policies to virtual machine movement and integration with orchestration systems via management APIs. More info.

GlobalSign SSL Configuration Checker

Product Name: GlobalSign SSL Configuration Checker

Key Features: GlobalSign SSL Configuration Checker is a free online service that allows website administrators to confirm they have correctly configured SSL across their websites and provides actionable guidance on how to remediate faulty or exploitable SSL configurations. More info.

McAfee All Access 2013

Product name: McAfee All Access 2013

Key features: McAfee All Access 2013’s new, consolidated dashboard enables consumers to quickly and easily monitor how devices are protected, invite family members to install protection on their devices, and instantly access free premium technical support. More info.

Mercury T5000

Product name: Mercury T5000

Key features: The T5000 is designed to support the high capacity requirements of large data centers and call centers. It provides end-to-end QoS across multiple disparate WAN networks, creating a seamless  and secure virtual WAN.