Products of the week 11.5.12

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Quest and Symantec

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Product name: SpeedCheckr

Key features: SpeedCheckr is a free tool that measures the performance and speed from your computer to multiple locations around the Internet. More info.


Product name: BusinessFlow

Key features: BusinessFlow automates security policy management for business applications and provides the crucial link between application connectivity requirements and the underlying security policy. More info.

Digital Guardian 6.1

Product name: • A: Digital Guardian 6.1

• B: Digital Guardian iOS Mobile App

• C: Data Governance Policy Packs

Key features: A: Digital Guardian 6.1, the first information protection platform to integrate compliance, insider threat prevention and cyber threat prevention, defining "DLP 3.0". Includes Advanced Malware Prevention, Detection and Containment

B: DG iOS Mobile App extends Digital Guardian data access and control policies onto the iPad and iPhone, the industry’s first enterprise DLP solution for those platforms. Supports MS Office, Apple iWork and PDF documents. Generic document format support is provided via Digital Guardian VDI solutions

C: Data Governance Policy Packs are industry-specific data discovery, reporting and risk management solutions based on a decade of collective enterprise security experience and best practices. More info.

Domain Protect

Product name – Domain Protect

Key features - Domain Protect monitors who is using an organization’s email domains, exposes phishing and email fraud attacks, and provides the ability to proactively block them. More info.

Kitenga Analytics

Product name - Kitenga Analytics

Key features - Kitenga Analytics delivers sophisticated capabilities, including text search, machine learning, and advanced visualizations, all from an easy-to-use interface that does not require understanding of complex programming or the Hadoop stack itself. More info.


Product name – xDirect

Key features – The new xDirect is a compact serial-to-Ethernet device server that provides quick and easy connectivity to virtually any device or machine with a serial interface. More info.

Symantec Mobile Management Suite

Product name: Symantec Mobile Management Suite

Key features: The Symantec Mobile Management Suite now supports Windows Phone 8 devices. The suite is a single solution for mobile device management, mobile application management and mobile security. More info.


Product name - Indico

Key features - Indico gives IT a clear view of applications for early detection of performance issues — analyzing traffic patterns without needing to track the entire traffic load underlying the ecommerce infrastructure. More info.


Product name: CloudWork

Key features: CloudWork lets businesses connect their apps and automate key business tasks and processes. It provides visibility across apps to track things that matter, from social media feeds to business leads and invoices. More info.

Aspect Workforce Management 7.5

Product name: Aspect Workforce Management 7.5

Key features: The latest version of Aspect’s Workforce Management Software delivers efficient planning and management of contact center staffing through advanced forecasting, scheduling, tracking, adherence monitoring, and seat planning capabilities. More info.

FactFinderTM v7 2

Product name: FactFinder v7 2

Key features: FactFinder v7 automatically delivers end-to-end transaction tracing using its new TransactionLink technology, enabling IT teams to monitor and fix transactions as they test, certify, deploy and manage complex applications. More info.