Products of the week 03.10.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as NCP and CipherCloud

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

XL Platform

Product name: XL Platform

Key features: provides lightweight, plug-and-play delivery automation products for deployment, on-demand environment provisioning, Agile test management and release management. More info.

qTest eXplorer

Product name: qTest eXplorer

Key features: A SaaS application for software testers to manage requirements, design test cases, plan test execution, track defects, and generate status and quality-metrics reports. Supports both scripted and unscripted testing. More info.

XenaCompact 1G/10G/40G/100G

Product name – XenaCompact 1G/10G/40G/100G

Key features - Xena offers a new class of L2-3 Gigabit Ethernet test equipment that delivers breakthrough price performance. More info.

Power plus Console Hybrid with Dual Ethernet Ports

Product name: Power plus Console Hybrid with Dual Ethernet Ports

Key features: Out-of-band console access and remote power reboot control solution with dual Ethernet ports. Includes dual power inlets with built-in ATS, event monitoring and logging and enterprise management software. More info.

DC Powered Remote Console Access Solution

Product name: DC Powered Remote Console Access Solution

Key features: A DC-powered solution for out-of-band access to console port command functions on remote networked elements. Includes advanced security and authentication features, monitoring and alarm capabilities and enterprise management software. More info.

NCP Secure Enterprise Client for Android version 2.32

Product name: NCP Secure Enterprise Client for Android version 2.32

Key features: This centrally managed IPsec VPN Android client enables the Android application package file (APK) to distribute customer-specific connection profiles. The new version also features a simplified interface. More info.

Discover, Protect Monitor Platform

Product name: Discover, Protect Monitor Platform

Key features: Enables enterprises to overcome privacy, regulatory compliance, and data residency challenges to cloud adoption by extending visibility, security and monitoring controls to data going to and across all clouds applications. More info.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Product name: SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Key features: added new baseline threshold calculating functionality, providing the deep visibility and advanced analytics not previously available to network administrators at such a price. More info.

Huawei AntiDDoS8000

Product name: Huawei AntiDDoS8000

Key features: Huawei Next Generation (NG) Anti-DDoS Solution performs abstract modeling and reputation system construction on network traffic from over 60 dimensions by leveraging Big Data analytics technologies. It provides more precise and comprehensive DDoS attack defense. More info.

FXT 4800 Edge Filer

Product name: FXT 4800 Edge Filer

Key features: higher density SSDs to bring the total capacity for the FXT 4800 up to 4.8TB and faster hex-core CPUs to increase performance. More info.

WOS 360

Product name: WOS 360

Key features: allows users to manage any data, anytime, anywhere, delivering highly tunable scalability, accessibility, efficiency, reliability and performance at an affordable cost. More info.

Acronis Access

Product name: Acronis Access

Key features: is a secure access, syncing and sharing solution for the enterprise. Content can be accessed from file servers, NAS, SharePoint, and personal devices, and shared with internal and external constituents. More info.

Scribe Online Integration Services

Product name: Scribe Online Integration Services

Key features: empowers users to integrate applications using a visual UI with pre-built maps and connectors, or through building new connectors. The new release adds real-time event-based integration capabilities. More info.

Securonix Data Exfiltration Intelligence

Product name: Securonix Data Exfiltration Intelligence

Key features: The first data exfiltration detection and prevention solution with “user-centric” threat detection of identity, access, and activity risk factors continuously monitored for abnormal or high-risk changes. More info.

StealthAUDIT 6.3

Product name: StealthAUDIT 6.3

Key features: adds a focus on sensitive data and an expanded set of data activity tracking capabilities, including the ability to identify suspicious activity. More info.

PAR4 Measurement Tool

Product name: PAR4 Measurement Tool

Key features: a software utility that allows users to fully exercise servers, measure power consumption and calculate PAR4 energy efficiency ratings. More info.

Application Intelligence Platform 7.2 (AIP)

Product name: Application Intelligence Platform 7.2 (AIP)

Key features: Customizable dashboard gives IT executives unprecedented insight into the strength, security, robustness and reliability of their core applications. More info.

Skybox Risk Control 7.0

Product name: Skybox Risk Control 7.0

Key features: is a comprehensive vulnerability management solution, offering a three-step workflow simplifying vulnerability management for enterprise-scale organizations with its discovery center, analytics center, and new remediation center. More info.

ThinPrint Engine 10

Product name: ThinPrint Engine 10

Key features: incorporates 100+ updates, including its new ThinShare technology, which reduces print data by up to 98% over Wi-Fi, eliminating bandwidth bottlenecks. More info.

Product name: Mobile


1. Mobile Free (read-only functionality): $0

2. Mobile Professional (read-write with full functionality): $20

3. Mobile Enterprise (full functionality with BYOD support and licensing for multiple devices): $4/user per month

Key features:’s mobile app aggregates Microsoft document sharing and social applications – SharePoint, Office365, Yammer, etc. – into a single-screen experience. supports iOS, Android, BB10, and with this new update, Windows Phone. More info.

Cloud Connect

Product name: Cloud Connect

Key features: combines the bandwidth of multiple public connections from nearly any carrier into a single, faster, more reliable virtual connection that can be used to securely access Evolve IP’s cloud, the Internet or other cloud-based services. This solution dramatically increases your network speed, increases reliability with automatic failover, providing bi-directional QOS over public networks at a cost effective alternative to MPLS networks. More info.

CloudLock Compliance for Google+

Product name: CloudLock Compliance for Google+

Key features: the first and only PCI/PII auditing solution for the social network that allows enterprises to protect sensitive data in Google+ while meeting compliance policies. More info.

Active Defense 1.4

Product Name: Active Defense 1.4

Key features: new information filtering and data visualization options that provide security teams with instant, deep visibility into all systems. The solution enables incident responders to detect and validate a security incident and then quickly determine the scope of the breach across the enterprise. More info.

PaaSLane 2.0

Product name:  PaaSLane 2.0

Pricing: Starting at $200 per app for a "Cloud Health Check" (one-time evaluation of an application for cloud readiness)

- Starting at $1,000 per app, for an annual subscription

Key features: Rapidly assess applications for cloud readiness

o   Accelerate cloud migrations and the development of cloud-native software

o   Continuously optimize applications for evolving cloud platforms

More info.

BAE Systems TeraStar™ data storage system

Product name: TeraStar Storage Transfer and Archive Repository

Key features: delivers the highest single system storage capacity on the market in this form factor, weighs less and, requires less power, cooling, and infrastructure. More info.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is now available in the AWS GovCloud

Product name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US) region.

Key features: Red Hat Enterprise Linux is now in the AWS GovCloud (U.S.) region, enabling AWS GovCloud customers to deploy sensitive workloads on the AWS cloud and on-premises data centers with the same OS. More info.

Puppet Enterprise 3.2

Product name: Puppet Enterprise 3.2

Key features: includes new capabilities to help IT organizations provision new hardware and scale infrastructure faster than ever before. More info.

Agari Pro

Product name: Agari PRO

Key features: extends Agari’s mission to detect email threats in real-time, leveraging its network of 2B endpoints and ultimately preventing those threats from ever reaching an end user’s inbox. More info.

Cloudinary Add-Ons

Product name: Cloudinary Add-Ons

Key features: Cloudinary offers an image management tool with a variety of add-ons that are powered by third-party partners. New add-ons allow image moderation, image categorization, smart cropping, improved compression, face detection and much more. More info.

QualysGuard Continuous Monitoring

Product name: QualysGuard Continuous Monitoring

Key features: gives organizations the ability to proactively identify threats and unexpected changes in Internet-facing devices within their DMZ, cloud-based environments and web applications before they are breached by hackers. More info.

QualysGuard Web Application Firewall

Product name: QualysGuard Web Application Firewall

Key features: service for web applications running in Amazon EC2 and on-premise shields websites by applying sets of rules to HTTP conversations to prevent them from being attacked, by provides rapid deployment of robust security for web applications with minimal cost of ownership. More info.

Top 4 Security Controls Cloud Service

Product name: Top 4 Security Controls Cloud Service

Key features: In collaboration with the SANS Institute and the Council of CyberSecurity, Qualys has released a new free service that helps organizations quickly determine if the PCs in their environments have properly implemented the Top 4 Critical Security Controls, which the Council on CyberSecurity estimates can help companies prevent 85% of cyber-attacks. More info.

The FortiDDoS-400B

Product name: FortiDDoS-400B

Key features: detects and protects against today’s most DDoS attacks and features an 100 percent behavior-based DDoS attack mitigation engine. Its new custom ASIC performs up to 10X faster than other competing DDoS mitigation appliances. More info.

800-B: Its new custom ASIC performs up to 10X faster than other competing DDoS mitigation appliances.

The FortiDDoS-1000B

Product name: FortiDDoS-1000B

Key features: detects and protects against today’s DDoS attacks and features an innovative 100 percent behavior-based DDoS attack mitigation engine. Its new custom ASIC performs up to 10X faster than other competing DDoS mitigation appliances. More info.

2000B: Its new custom ASIC performs up to 10X faster than other competing DDoS mitigation appliances.

Premium WordPress Hosting

Product name: Premium WordPress Hosting

Key features: is a highly flexible and scalable WordPress hosting solution that is optimized for web developers and designers, and comes with 24/7 support from Media Temple’s WordPress trained customer support team. More info.

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