IT Deal Book of 2013

Our running list of mergers and acquisitions

A summary of who did the buying, who got bought, how much they went for and why. We'll be updating as more deals are made.

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Buyer: Blue Coat

Acquisition: Norman Shark

Why: To integrate Norman Sharks’s anti-malware and sandboxing technologies into products in the Blue Coat line.

Story: Blue Coat buys Norman Shark


Buyer: Box

Acquisition: dLoop

Why: Box will use dLoop's technology to add more controls that give enterprises more features for protecting their content in Box's storage services.

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Buyer: Trustwave

Acquisition: Application Security, Inc.

Why: Application Security’s automated database scanning complements Trustwave’s security portfolio of web, network and data products.


Buyer: IBM

Acquisition: Fiberlink Communications

Why: Fiberlink’s MaaS360 cloud-based offering for mobile-device management fits in with IBM’s overall strategy toward mobile security, especially to provide trust assurance on mobile devices in business-to-business applications.

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BUYER: Akamai

ACQUISITION: Velocius Networks

WHY: Akamai’s after the small Indian company’s QoS technology, and will add all five workers at the private firm to its workforce in that country.


Buyer: Mitel

Acquisition: Aastra

Why: Mitel stands to gain Aastra’s large enterprise unified communications customers and significant market presence in Europe.


Buyer: HyTrust

Acquisition: HighCloud Security

Why: HyTrust, which specializes in administrative logging, monitoring and conformance in virtualized cloud environments, bought HighCloud for its strength in encryption and key management.



WHY: Net Optics’ network visibility and active monitoring technology will buttress Ixia’s existing application delivery offerings, broadening the company’s market reach.

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Buyer: VMware

Acquisition: Desktone

Why: Desktone's desktop-as-a-service offering extends VMware server and network virtualization to the desktop.

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Buyer: Vonage

Acquisition: Vocalocity

Why: Vonage wants to enter the small business IP telephony market where Vocalocity already plays.


Buyer: Microsoft

Acquisition: Apiphany

Why: Microsoft wanted Apiphany’s API management technology, which it hopes to turn into a service offering in its Azure cloud.



Buyer: IBM

Acquisition: Xtify

Why: According to IBM, "The acquisition will help extend IBM's mobile capabilities to digital marketers across all industries ranging from retail to citizen engagement in the public sector through cloud-based services. "

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Buyer: IBM

Acquisition: Now Factory

Why: The Dublin, Ireland company will help IBM expand its portfolio of data analysis services to better accommodate the mobile market. Now Factory offers customer usage analysis services and software for wireless telecommunications providers.

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Buyer: Yahoo

Acquisition: Tumblr

Why: Vowing to “not screw it up,” Yahoo will operate the popular social media blogging site independently and the company’s co-founder David Karp remains its CEO. Tumblr has 120,000 new users sign up each day and 300 million unique visitors monthly.

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Buyer: Microsoft

Acquisition: Nokia

Why: In buying Nokia's Devices & Services business, which includes the smartphone and mobile phones businesses, Microsoft is getting a working global mobile device business with existing expertise and processes in order to “accelerate the growth of its share and profit in mobile devices,” according to the company’s press release.

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Buyer: Stratasys

Acquisition: MakerBot

Why: MakerBot appeals to the emerging markets, designing products and information that could help those with little-to-no knowledge about 3D printing start learning about and using the technology. Stratasys, whose focus so far has been on mostly enterprise 3D printing solutions, creates a pathway to a potentially massive market for consumer 3D printers.

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Buyer: Microsoft

Acquisition: Nokia's mobile phone business

Why: Microsoft is buying a working, global mobile device business, with existing expertise and processes, in order to “accelerate the growth of its share and profit in mobile devices,” according to the company’s press release. It's Microsoft's latest effort to give Windows Phone 8 a big boost.

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Buyer: IBM

Acquisition: Daeja Imaging Systems

Why: Boosting its portfolio of enterprise content management tools, IBM has acquired Daeja and its embeddable software for viewing many different types of documents and images.

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Buyer: Verizon Communications

Acquisition: Vodafone Group's 45% stake in Verizon Wireless

Why: Under the deal, Verizon will take 100 percent ownership of the wireless unit, the largest mobile operator in the U.S. This will enhance its ability to offer customers "seamless and integrated services," the carrier said in a press release.

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arbor networks

Buyer: Arbor Networks

Acquisition: Packetloop

Why: Arbor engineering vice president Kris Lamb said the catalyst for the deal was Arbor's desire to accelerate security technologies in the area of advanced threat detection."In particular we felt that Packloop technology provides us with huge disruptive and innovative data security combined with packet capture security capability," he said.

BMC Partnerpedia

Buyer: BMC

Acquisition: Partnerpedia

Why: BMC is continuing its push into the consumerization-of-IT trend with the acquisition of Partnerpedia, which makes software companies can use to roll out secure, governed app stores to their end users.

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Bluecoat acquires Solera

Buyer: Blue Coat Systems

Acquisition: Solera Networks

Why: Blue Coat, a maker of Web traffic filtering and business assurance products, plans to use Solera's technology to add security analytics and forensic capabilities to its future offerings.

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Oracle buying Tekelec

Buyer: Oracle

Acquisition: Tekelec

Why: Oracle is filling out its product stack for communications with the acquisition of Tekelec, which provides network signaling, policy control and subscriber data management software for mobile data networks.

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Box Crocodoc

Buyer: Box

Acquisition: Crocodoc

Why: Crocodoc's HTML5 technology should improve the way documents are rendered for viewing on Box's enterprise storage and file sharing service.

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CA buys Layer 7

Buyer: CA Technologies

Acquisition: Layer 7 Technologies

Why: CA Technologies is acquiring Layer 7 Technologies, a purveyor of tools for managing and securing APIs with plans to integrate the technology into its own Identity and Access Management suite of security software.

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Buyer: Cisco:

Acquisition: Sourcefire

Why: To expand Cisco’s IT security portfolio and threat-research expertise

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cloudbees foxweave

Buyer: CloudBees

Acquisition: FoxWeave

Why: The acquisition brings native data migration and synchronization services, named WEAVE@cloud, to the CloudBees Platform to simplify the way developers can compose services and weave them together with PaaS-hosted application logic – or what CloudBees calls app-centric integration. The combination of the new WEAVE@cloud service and the CloudBees PaaS enables developers to manage connections and data transfer between more than 20 hosted services. More info.

Dell Enstratius

Buyer: Dell

Acquisition: Enstratius

Why: Bolsters Dell's management offerings with technology for managing cloud resources across multiple providers from a single management console.

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EMC Aveksa

Buyer: EMC

Acquisition: Aveksa

Why: Gives EMC’s security division, RSA, cloud and on-premises provisioning and single-sign-on technology for mobile devices.


Buyer: EMC

Acquisition: ScaleIO

Why: EMC plans to fold ScaleIO's storage management software into its EMC XtremSW Suite of software for managing server-based flash storage arrays.   

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AT&T buying Alltel

Buyer: AT&T

Acquisition: Alltel

Why: AT&T greatly increases its wireless spectrum by buying Alltel’s U.S. wireless operations, including licenses, network assets, retail stores and about 585,000 subscribers. Technically, AT&T is buying the operation from the lesser known Atlantic Tele-Network.

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Oracle buys Nimbula

Buyer: Oracle

Acquisition: Nimbula

Why: With the intent of rounding out its software stack for building hybrid clouds, Oracle is acquiring Nimbula, a provider of private cloud infrastructure management software.

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 IBM buys SoftLayer

Buyer: IBM

Acquisition: SoftLayer

Why: The cloud computing infrastructure company will allow IBM to accelerate the build-out of its public cloud offerings.

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Tibco aquires Streambase

Buyer: Tibco

Acquisition: StreamBase Systems

Why: The move will strengthen Tibco's real-time data analytics offering, particularly for financial applications, the company said, allowing it to provide an event-based alternative to batch-centric big data architectures.

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softbank sprint

Buyer: Softbank

Acquisition: Sprint

Why: Japanese telecom company SoftBank announced plans in June to buy a majority of Sprint's shares, giving the carrier the ability in turn to take full control of Clearwire, and give the combined companies more of a fighting chance vs. AT&T and Verizon thanks to their considerable spectrum holdings in major metropolitan areas.

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FortiNet to acquire Coyote Point

Buyer: Fortinet

Acquisition: Coyote Point

Why: Fortinet says Coyote Point's traffic management appliances will complement Fortinet's firewalls for small, midsize and large businesses.

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ibm csl

Buyer: IBM

Acquisition: CSL International

Why: IBM will use Israel-based CSL's virtualization management technology to improve the cloud computing capabilities of its zEnterprise System mainframes.

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Buyer: EMC

Acquisition: PassBan

Why:  Acquiring this San Francisco-based start-up gives RSA a slew of biometrics and location-based authentication means to use with mobile-devices

Buyer: Datawatch

Acquisition: Panopticon

Why: Using the new technology, Datawatch will allow customers to monitor a variety of data types simultaneously — including traditional structured relational databases, semi-structured sources like reports, PDF files, EDI streams, print spools and documents stored in files systems or enterprise content management systems, along with a  new mix of unstructured data such as machine data and social media stored in Big Data solutions or streaming directly from a host of real-time applications.


Buyer: Cisco

Acquired: Composite Software

Why: For data virtualization software and services. Data virtualization makes data collected from multiple sources to appear as if it came from one. More info.

F5 Networks

Category: Software Defined Networking

Buyer: F5 Networks

Acquisition: LineRate

Why: F5 entered the software-defined networking (SDN) fray with the purchase of LineRate Systems, a Boulder, Colo., startup that specializes in SDN software. F5 said it purchased LineRate in order to prepare its load balancing and application acceleration platforms to work in SDN networking environments. Industry analysts say it was a smart purchase because F5 was able to eliminate an emerging competitor in LineRate, while purchasing the company’s intellectual property and engineering talent.

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Category: Cloud Computing

Buyer: Salesforce

Acquisition: EntropySoft

Why: EntropySoft is a French startup that sells content management and integration software. Analysts said the deal was designed to bolster Salesforce’s Chatterbox service, which provides real-time document synchronization across multiple devices. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Category: Mobile

Buyer: Yahoo

Acquisition: Alike

Why: Alike allows consumers to enter their favorite restaurants or stores and then be given recommendations of similar restaurants or stores in the vicinity of where they are located. The acquisition stems from a push by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to enhance the breadth and depth of Yahoo’s mobile applications. Alike works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platforms.

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Category: Security

Buyer: McAfee

Acquisition: ValidEdge (a technology from LynuxWorks)

Why: McAfee has purchased the ValidEdge anti-malware sandboxing technology from LynuxWorks to add a new type of malware detection to its network and endpoint security products. McAfee said it will integrate the sandboxing capability into its product line by the end of the 2013. ValidEdge runs code inside a sandbox in order to detect malicious activity associated with malware in a replicated operating system, reducing risk to the customer’s network.

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TDS Telecommunications Corp.

Category: Telecommunications

Buyer: TDS Telecommunications Corp.

Acquisition: Baja Broadband

Why:Baja Broadband provides video, high speed broadband and voice services to residential and commercial customers in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. Baja Broadband is a venture-funded startup backed by M/C Venture Partners and Columbia Capital.

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Rackspace Hosting

Category: SaaS

Buyer: Rackspace Hosting

Acquisition: ObjectRocket

Why: The deal allows Rackspace to extend its OpenStack-powered cloud to add an unstructured database offering from ObjectRocket, which specializes in MongoDB, an open source database. The deal allows Rackspace to compete against Amazon, which already offers cloud-based SQL and non-SQL database services.

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Boingo Wireless

Category: Telecommunications

Buyer: Boingo Wireless

Acquisition: Endeka

Why: Endeka provides Wi-Fi, VoIP and IP television services to military bases and federal law enforcement training facilities. Boingo is a leading provider of Wi-Fi services, operating more than 600,000 hotspots at airports, coffee shops, convention centers and other public locations. Endeka executives said Boingo’s backing will help them expand to provide global Wi-Fi roaming capabilities to military and law enforcement personnel.

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Category: E-Marketing

Buyer: Facebook

Acquisition: Atlas Advertiser Suite

Why: Atlas Advertiser Suite is an advertising campaign management and measurement tool for e-marketers, from Microsoft. Facebook said it plans to expand the back-end measurement systems offered by Atlas and improve its ability to serve up ads on desktop and mobile platforms. Facebook said it wants to help advertisers compare their marketing campaigns on the social media platform to ads that appear on other platforms.

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ACQUISITION: Network Instruments

WHY: It’s an acqui-hire all the way. JDSU said that it plans to integrate Network Instruments’ APM technology into its product portfolio, and add its 125 employees to its own ranks.

STORY: JDSU buying Network Instruments

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories

Category: Call Center

Buyer: Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories


Why: is a provider of cloud-based customer experience management solutions for interactive voice response and contact centers, from MicroStrategy Inc. The purchase price is $110 million. The deal is subject to regulatory approval. Genesys wants because it will help the Daly City, Calif., firm expand in providing cloud-based contact center services.

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BUYER: SolarWinds

ACQUISITION: N-able Technologies

Why: SolarWinds wants N-able’s automation and cloud management software, which it says will help it address a growing demand in the MSP industry.


BUYER: CommScope


WHY: CommScope hopes that its addition of iTRACS' advanced physical infrastructure management capabilities will provide it with a better value proposition in the data center infrastructure management space.


Buyer: Genesys


Why: Angel’s automated customer service platform dovetails well with Genesys’ existing offerings in that market. Genesys said in a statement that it’s particularly looking to attract enterprise and mid-market businesses.

Rackspace Hosting

Buyer: Rackspace Hosting

Acquisition: ObjectRocket, a Boston-based MongoDB database as a service (DBaaS) provider.

Why: Rackspace extends its OpenStack-powered cloud to add a NoSQL DBaaS offering from ObjectRocket, which specializes in MongoDB.

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Category: Data Analytics

Buyer: Actian

Acquisition: Pervasive Software

Why: Actian, formerly Ingres, is looking to beef up its offerings in the area of "big data" with the purchase of Pervasive Software, which sells software for data management and analysis. Based in Austin, Texas, Pervasive sells analytics software including Data Rush. Actian claims over 10,000 customers that use its software products such as Action Apps to manage large volumes of data.

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Category: Storage

Buyer: VMware

Acquisition: Virsto

Why: VMware has purchased virtual storage company Virsto Software as part of a broader move to expand virtualization to every aspect of the data center, including computing power, network bandwidth and storage. Virsto sells a VMware-specific storage management model that speeds up performance for block-based storage systems. Terms of the deal were not released, but VMware said it expect to close the acquisition in the first half of 2013.

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Akamai Technologies

Buyer: Akamai Technologies

Acquisition: Prolexic Technologies

Why: Akamai views the buy as a way to expand cloud-based anti-DDoS protection services.

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Category: Network Management for Service Providers

Buyer: Cisco

Acquisition: Intucell

Why: Intucell provides self-optimizing network (SON) software used by mobile carriers to plan, configure, manage, optimize and heal cellular networks automatically. Cisco purchased this privately held Israeli company to bolster its offerings for service providers. Cisco intends to use Intucell technology to add a critical network intelligence layer to manage and optimize spectrum, coverage and capacity. Intucell is an Israeli startup funded by Bessemer Venture Partners.

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Category: IT Services

Buyer: Hitachi Consulting

Acquisition: Celerant Consulting

Why: Hitachi Consulting, an IT and management consulting firm, acquired UK-based Celerant Consulting to help expand its European, North American and South American presence. Celerant has 15 offices globally and 600 employees. Celerant’s experience is in chemical, consumer, energy, industrial, life sciences, metals and mining sectors. Hitachi Consulting employs 5,000 professionals across 12 countries.

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IMation Nexsan

Category: storage

Buyer: Imation

Acquisition: Nexsan

Why: Imation, a storage and data security company, gains a portfolio of disk-based and hybrid disk and solid-state storage systems that it expects will accelerate its growth in the small and midsize business and distributed enterprise storage markets.

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Category: IT Services

Buyer: Kovarus

Acquisition: Back Office Architects

Why: IT systems integrator Kovarus has purchased Back Office Architects to bolster its capabilities in the areas of Microsoft application integration and virtualization. Back Office Architects is an IT services firm that specializes in Windows Server, Active Directory and Exchange implementations for enterprise customers. Kovarus plans to expand its cloud services offerings through the Back Office Architects acquisition. Kovarus is based in San Ramon, Calif., with offices in the Sacramento, Seattle, Denver and Atlanta areas.


Category: E-Commerce Software

Buyer: NetSuite

Acquisition: Retail Anywhere

Why: NetSuite bought point-of-sale vendor Retail Anywhere to expand the capabilities of its SuiteCommerce platform for both e-commerce and physical retail stores, where Retail Anywhere excels. Retail Anywhere’s software runs on standard point-of-sale hardware as well as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. NetSuite sells cloud-based ERP, CRM and other enterprise applications to more than 12,000 companies worldwide from its Silicon Valley headquarters.

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Category: Unified Communications

Buyer: Oracle

Acquisition: Acme Packet

Why: Acme Packet is the leading provider of session border control technology, which enables trusted delivery of voice, data and unified communications services and applications across IP networks. The acquisition gives Oracle an edge in the migration to devices, applications and services running on all-IP networks. Oracle plans to integrate Acme’s offerings with its own communications product portfolio. Based in Bedford, Mass., Acme Packet has more than 1,900 customers in 100 countries served by five overseas offices.

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Procera Networks

Category: Security

Buyer: Procera Networks

Acquisition: Vinyard Networks

Why: Procera Networks sells network intelligence systems that enforce security, traffic management and other policies. Vinyard Networks is a leader in deep packet inspection tools sold on an OEM basis to the enterprise market. Procera plans to extend its network policy enforcement devices, dubbed PacketLogic Solutions, into the area of deep packet inspection with its acquisition of Vinyard Networks. Based in Fremont, Calif., Procera Networks is a publicly traded company that earned $15.6 million in revenues last year. Vinyard Networks is based in Kelowna, British Columbia, has 34 employees and is expected to earn $4 million in revenue in 2013.

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Radware Strangeloop

Category: Web optimization

Buyer: Radware

Acquisition: Strangeloop

Why: Strangeloop’s Web acceleration technology will enhance Radware’s application delivery controllers.

Violin Memory

Category: Application Acceleration

Buyer: Violin Memory

Acquisition: Gridiron Systems

Why: Violin Memory sells flash-based storage systems that are used to bring storage performance in-line with high-speed applications, servers and networks. Violin Memory is expanding its offerings with the purchase of GridIron Systems, which offers solutions for accelerating enterprise applications including online transaction processing, data analytics, data warehousing and virtualization. Violin Memory executives said the purchase was driven by Gridiron’s intellectual property, including patented algorithms that accelerate applications in data center storage area networks. Violin Memory is based in Mountain View, Calif. , with offices in New Jersey, the England, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney and Beijing. GridIron Systems is a venture-based startup in Sunnyvale, Calif.

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