Products of the week 11.12.12

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Intel and Sourcefire

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Porticor Virtual Private Data System

Product name – Porticor Virtual Private Data System

Key features – Porticor now implements partially homomorphic encryption technology and split-key encryption so organizations can fully trust their cloud data is secure and cannot be compromised while stored or being accessed. More info.

SSD DC S3700-series solid-state drives

Product name: SSD DC S3700-series solid-state drives

Key features: Intel has followed up last week's release of the consumer-focused 335 series with the high-endurance, high-performance SSD DC S3700 line for enterprises. More info.

iWave Storage Automator v6.5

Product name: iWave Storage Automator v6.5

Key features: iWave Storage Automator software makes it possible for storage admins to allow end users to provision, extend and reclaim storage themselves, reducing the involvement of the admins themselves. At the same time the software imposes policies on who can provision storage, when, where and for what purposes. The platform supports a range of storage gear from multiple vendors. More info.

vInspector 300

Product name – vInspector 300

Key features – The vInspector Series provides real-time and bi-directional decryption and re-encryption of SSL traffic flowing across enterprise network, allowing security tools to identify threats hidden in SSL encrypted traffic. More info.

Advanced Malware Protection for FirePOWER

Product name – Advanced Malware Protection for FirePOWER

Key features – Advanced malware protection for FirePOWER enables network malware detection, continuous analysis and retrospective alerting. With this, users can identify malware, track file movement, block files, and identify attack targets. More info.

Imation IronKey S250 and D250 hardware-encrypted flash drives

Product name: Imation IronKey S250 and D250 hardware-encrypted flash drives

Key features: Imation IronKey S250 and D250 hardware-encrypted flash drives feature faster performance, a redesigned control panel that supports multiple languages, and new remote management capabilities. The Personal and Enterprise editions feature built-in identity protection that allows users to securely surf the web, and the IronKey password vault to store and protect user passwords. The Enterprise edition adds centralized remote administration through Imation’s cloud security console. More info.

Applications Manager 10.8

Product name: Applications Manager 10.8

Key features: Applications Manager 10.8 is the integration between Applications Manager and Site24x7, which enables users to monitor applications from within corporate data centers and multiple external locations. More info.

Firewall Assurance 6.5

Product Name: Firewall Assurance 6.5

Key features: Firewall Assurance 6.5 includes a graphical firewall map that enables administrators to see each firewall and all connecting interfaces, allowing checks and changes of zones and interface properties within the map. More info.

GlobalSign SSL Certificates with Phishing Alerts

Product Name: GlobalSign SSL Certificates with Phishing Alerts

Key Features: GlobalSign Netcraft Phishing Alerts send GlobalSign an alert when their SSL digital certificate customer's sites are unknowingly being used to support phishing attacks. GlobalSign immediately notifies compromised customers so they can quickly remediate attacks.

Protect On Q Mobile for iOS

Product name: Protect On Q Mobile for iOS

Key features: Protect On Q Mobile for iOS is a web information security solution that enables IT professionals to protect end-user browser sessions on iOS devices from theft or data leakage. More info.

Newvem Cloud Smart Meter

Product name: Newvem Cloud Smart Meter

Key features: Newvem’s Cloud Smart Meter is a native iOS application that gives CIOs and IT managers bottom line visibility and key performance indicators to manage, collaborate and track their AWS usage on-the-go. More info.

Asigra Cloud Backup v12

Product name: Asigra Cloud Backup v12

Key features: Asigra Cloud Backup v12 consolidates all enterprise data into a single repository and offers cloud-to-cloud backup, non-rooted mobile endpoint support, virtual DR for VMware environments and snapshot enhancements. More info.

GreenButton Cloud Fabric

Product name: GreenButton Cloud Fabric

Key features: GreenButton Cloud Fabric is the industry's first server solution enabling users running compute intensive applications to deploy, manage, and run a variety of applications in either private or public clouds -- or both. It delivers a comprehensive and integrated on-demand cloud solution that leverages the cloud's processing power for high performance computing workloads for a fraction of the cost. More info.

Reflection 2011 R3

Product name: Reflection 2011 R3

Key features: Reflection 2011 R3, a family of terminal emulation and PC X server software that connects desktop/mobile users to enterprise applications, is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 Certified. More info.