One picture is worth 335,000 charred acres

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One picture is worth 335,000 charred acres“fire blogger” we’ve been in touch with has been able to return to his home.

The latest NASA photo of the Southern California fires is nothing short of astounding. The sliver of good news, however, is that the

Unlimited gall to cost Verizon $1 million

Unlimited really means unlimited, even in advertising. So says the New York’s attorney general in squeezing a $1 million settlement out of Verizon Wireless for disconnecting 13,000 of its customers who had the temerity to believe that the unlimited service they were promised came with unlimited service. Verizon’s statement about the settlement is a gem, too.

'Fire blogger' files technology report from San Diego shelter

Mobility expert Jim Forbes was among the masses displaced by the Southern California wildfires. Forbes took the opportunity to "fire blog" from his shelter and discuss via e-mail how his gadgets and the shelter's wireless nets were holding up. "The shelter set up a dedicated computer room with an 802.11 a,b, and g network which worked like a charm. Lots of people brought notebooks when they left their home, so there was a whole lot of IM traffic in and out of the shelter. The local cell networks were subsumed by traffic early in the day so people were texting friends and loved ones a lot," he says.

'Fake Steve Jobs' has written a real book

This reviewer calls it "vintage faux Jobs." Titled "oPtions$: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs," this "parody" won't disappoint fans of Fake Steve's blog, and will give those who've never read the blog a taste of what all the fuss has been about. Money quote: "I also invented the friggin' iPod. Have you heard of it?"

Prosecutor makes mockery of online privacy

Special prosecutor in Arizona subpoenas all known data about every visitor to a newspaper's Web site going back three years. IP addresses, sites they came from, choice of browser, even the cookies. All because the paper published the home address of a sheriff, an address that's readily available on other government Web sites. … And there's a happy ending.

Pay to play of MySpace? … No way.

Three-quarters of social-network site users claim they would ditch their precious pages and friends before paying two bucks a month. … As if.

Phone tells Nokia your every move

Imagine a mobile phone so smart it can report back to its manufacturer every touch of a button a user executes. Say hello to the Nokia Smartphone 360 (at least some of them). A privacy concern, you say? Oh, come now, Nokia assures us that it's all anonymous and safe.

Comcast reportedly blocking some P-to-P traffic

Comcast can expect a lot more customers to come calling armed with hammers after fans of file-sharing get a gander at an Associated Press report that describes how the service provider is indiscriminately blocking peer-to-peer traffic.


- NASA keeps air safety survey results secret to prevent panic. Time to panic

- Web site woes stop Rockies from selling Series tix

- British intelligence smart enough to know that IT hot-shots are gamers

- Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg whacks wireless providers

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