IBM taps Alcatel for unified-communications strategy; IBM process turns waste silicon into cash

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IBM taps Alcatel for unified-communications strategy, 10/30/07: IBM and networking provider Alcatel-Lucent are teaming up to take Microsoft head-on in the unified-communications market.

IBM process turns waste silicon into cash, energy savings, 10/30/07: Big Blue is looking a little green around the chips. That’s because IBM announced a semiconductor wafer reclamation process that removes chip circuitry with an abrasive pad and water, saving money and leaving the silicon in better shape for reuse in solar panels or other duties. Enabling reuse is crucial because IBM estimates that approximately 3 million silicon wafers worldwide are scrapped each year.

IBM boosts storage products, services with acquisition, 10/25/07: IBM bolstered its line of storage products and services Wednesday by acquiring NovusCG, a software and consulting firm.

DEC vs IBM, 10/26/07: During the 1980s you’d be hard pressed to find a better rivalry than DEC and IBM. The companies tried to wear each other out in what was then called the midrange server market. The DEC VAX, rolled out in 1976 was a legend but the IBM System /36s and /38s were no slouches. Big Blue morphed those successful servers into its VAX killer, the AS/400 in 1988 and by 1994, 250,000 of them had been sold. DEC eventually tried to counter with its Alpha chip -based line of advanced servers but by the early 1990’s Ken Olsen’s engineering company was in trouble.

Globalization poses major risks to enterprises, 10/25/07: Globalization is posing major risks that enterprises simply aren’t prepared to handle. More than 60% of enterprises with at least $5 billion in revenue suffered from a major risk event in the past three years, and a large number were not prepared to deal with the consequences, according to an IBM study issued Wednesday.

Ethernet vs. Token Ring, 10/26/07: IBM might have knocked out DEC, but DEC bet right on Ethernet vs. IBM’s Token-Ring.

SNA and OSI vs. TCP/IP, 10/26/07: IBM misplayed its hand with SNA and OSI never had a chance against TCP/IP.

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