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Web 2.0 expert says Cisco should buy Plaxo - but security issues remainNetwork World were too impressed. Linda Musthaler warned about the privacy issues that surrounded social networking software, including Plaxo (see here and here). It appears some of these issues are still lingering. Are you sold on social networking sites are spooked by the security implications? Add your comments.

Cisco should buy Plaxo as another layer to its unified communications strategy, reckons Web and social media commentator LaSandra Brill. She blogs: "Plaxo  is now aggregating your social networking profiles with a pretty impressive list of supported sites." I remember that when Plaxo crept onto the market a few years ago, not many of our columnists at


Cisco tax fraud arrests: Cisco appears not so wholesome after all

Cisco issues four security alerts today

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Brad Reese on Cisco: What do you get when spending $1 million for a single Cisco router?

So what do you get for just over $980,000.00 (list price) when you are an MSO - Multiple Service Operator or cable company and want to service your customer’s data and voice via DOCSIS cable modems? Brian Wilson, well known author of Slimjim100's Blog, who works on a large number of these "Million Dollar Routers" and has deployed many of them in live networks, is offering us the following details ...

Joe Panettieri's Eye on Cisco: The iPhone now means business to Cisco

It's one small step for Apple, and one giant leap for Cisco Systems' unified communications strategy. As you may have heard, Apple in February 2008 will introduce a software development kit (SDK) for the iPhone. Somewhere, Cisco's R&D team is smiling. The SDK represents a huge opportunity for Cisco (and its partners) to show businesses the full power of unified communications across mobile devices.

Jeff Doyle on IP Routing: Eat your own dogfood

I attended a couple of informative panel sessions here at NANOG41 on IPv6 Technical Issues and IPv6 Deployment Case Studies. A theme repeated by several panelists was that vendors and service providers promoting IPv6 need to eat their own dogfood – that is, they need to back up what they’re selling to their customers by implementing it on their own internal networks.

Wendell Odom's Cisco Cert Zone: Answer to Tuesday's CCENT-style NAT question

Tuesday's question was worded so that it could test your understanding of several of the commonly-used NAT terms, in particular inside local and inside global. It also assesses whether you understand what happens in a typical NAT environment when a router translates the address used by a host inside the enterprise (source NAT), but does not translate the address used for the host that is presumably somewhere in the Internet (destination NAT). I'll take a crack today at explaining a few terms, and then give the literal answer to the question at the end of the blog, so it's easy to find the answer if that's what you're after. 

Save the date: Oct. 24, 2-3 p.m. ET for a live text chat with Wendell Odom. Get your Cisco certification questions answered directly by Wendell. No registration needed - just login at the advertised time here.

Dheeraj Tolani's Cisco Routing & Switching Essentials: Routing essentials that make our lives easier, Part 2

Those of us who work with Cisco routers know that while you are connected to the Cisco console and working on configuring something, any kind of system messages you get just pop up on your screen with no consideration for what you’re working on at that moment. Suddenly, you can’t see what you were working on because you have a ton of these other messages on the screen. Good news. A permanent fix is available, and you can configure it ahead of time and stop the pop-up clutter before it starts.

Michael Morris' Notes from the Field: Single vendor strategy applies to WAN carriers tootwo blogs, I've expanded upon Nick Lippis' commentary on single network vendor strategies. Nick's stance, which I agree with, is that having dual network hardware vendors actually decreases network availability and limits services the network can provide. In the second blog, I explained how this concept should apply inside technology tracks, but different vendors for each track is appropriate. So, how does the single network vendor concept extend to WAN service providers?

For my last

ChannelSurfing with Ken Presti: The managed services drumbeat approaches

Next month, the complexity will take another step forward as Cisco rolls out its new offer-based program for managed services. While the details are still being held close to the vest, it’s not yet too late for readers to give their two cents on what they’d like to see in such a program. What sort of help would you like to see managed service providers get? Is it marketing? Is it technological? Is it different areas of support?

Jamey Heary: Cisco Security Expert: Cisco gives its Security Research Center a makeoverThe Cisco Security Center. I would also go out on a limb and guess that not many people ever knew Cisco provided free security research content. Bottom line is the site offers lots of excellent, and free, security content.

Not many people realize that Cisco has been silently improving their security threat information site called


Cisconet: Cisco tax fraud arrests: Cisco appears not so wholesome after all

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Wendell: NAT terms and a sample ICND1/CCENT question

Doyle: Getting intimate with IPv6

Morris: Took the CCDE written beta test today

Tolani: Router basics: Connectivity essentials


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