10 ways to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

Get ye pirate on each Sept. 19

Ahoy Matey!

Started officially 17 years ago by two buccaneers, the somewhat geeky holiday has built up popularity over time. One driving force was Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Dave Barry encouraging celebration of the day 10 years ago, marking what some consider the public launch of Talk Like a Pirate Day. Now, on Sept. 19 people all around the world gather to talk, dress up, or just generally celebrate pirates. Need some inspiration? Here are 10 ways to celebrate.

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Quick tips on Pirate lingo

One of the fundamentals of Talk Like a Pirate Day is to, well, talk like a pirate. The folks at TalkLikeAPirate.com have some pretty simple tips, including: Integrate the 5 As into your vocabulary: Aye, Aye-Aye, Ahoy, Avast and, of course, Arrr. Other tips: Double up on your adjectives – it’s not a big ship, but “a great, grand ship,” says yarr.org, and drop your g’s, as in “You be rowin’, shootin’ and drinkin’ as a scurvy pirate.”

Write like a pirate

Still don’t have your pirate language down? That’s OK, there are numerous apps that can help. Various translation sites allow you to import text and they spit back out pirate talk. Our personal favorite is this one: PostlikeaPirate.com.

Read your Network World news – Pirate Style

Get your latest Network World news in pirate language. Take this one as an example: “Agin' hardware drives core router 'n switch upgrades.” Core router 'n switch upgrades be th' top project priorities fer network managers, followed by wireless implementations, accordin' to new research from TheInfoPro. IT departments be grapplin' wit' agin' network equipment while jugglin' demand fer newer network initiatives, such as mobile device management, fueled by IT consumerization 'n BYOD trends.

Download pirate apps

Mobile apps can help. There are a handful to get you through the day, including the Pirate Utility, a free app that will translate anything you write into pirate talk, and produce pirate insults. Other options include the iArrPirate photo app (pictured) that lets you turn any photo into a pirate-themed picture, or for Android users, if you’re looking for some entertainment, play a top-rated pirate game such as Fish vs. Pirates.

X marks the spot!

What better way to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day than to join with your fellow pirate enthusiasts and party? The Talk Like a Pirate Day website has a listing of events around the country. Outside of Boston in Plymouth there will be pillaging, wenching and drinking as a fundraiser. The Lafayatte Library outside of Oakland is celebrating with an all-day, all-ages pirate party, while various restaurants and bars around the country are holding their own events, many of which encourage you to wear your finest pirate attire.

Eat a free donut – or a dozen!

If you’re looking for a free snack, head on down to Krispy Kreme donuts on Sept. 19 where all you have to do is talk like a pirate to receive a free glazed donut at participating locations. If you want to bring some back for the whole crew, go in dressed as a pirate and receive a dozen free donuts.

Change you Facebook language to Pirate

Facebook has an option to change your official language to pirate talk. In the account settings, go to language and select English (Pirate). All of a sudden your friends will turn into “matties”, your wall will be the “Captain’s Log” and instead of updating a photo, you can “hoist a portrait.”

Get ye pirate bounty!

There is a choice of bounty for Talk Like a Pirate Day. From books such as The Pirate's Life: Unleashing Your Inner Buccaneer to flags, outfits, and even the geekiest of Pirate day Tee-shirts, the π-rate shirt.

Watch some pirate movies.

There are plenty of pirate movies to get your pirate on, so go out and watch your pirate movie of choice. Pirates of the Caribbean (any one of the four - although we recommend the original one), Pirates of Penzance, or Hook are some options. If you need more suggestions, here are some lists of the best pirate movies.

Be careful of piracy!

On Talk like a Pirate Day you may be inclined to pillage the web for some pirated material. While there are numerous places to do this, such as the Pirate Bay, be careful. You don’t want to end up like Gottfrid Swartholm Warg, the co-founder of the site, who this month was deported from Cambodia to face charges in his native Sweeden, where he faces jail time and fines following his 2009 conviction of copyright infringement.