Bitcoin: 8 funny money videos

Videos take shots at the crypto-currency that seemingly no one understands


The crypto-currency Bitcoin emerged in 2009 but has really exploded into the mainstream this year, grabbing positive (customer buys a Tesla Model S car using Bitcoin) and negative (paired with Cryptolocker ransomware) headlines. But you know Bitcoin has really made it because comics are embracing it. Here’s a sampling from YouTube of the funny and perhaps not so funny (and here’s one that actually does explain Bitcoin. I get it now. No really.

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Bitcoins: Everything, nothing, something

Funny or Die recognizes that nobody understands Bitcoins and tries to help (includes one bit of NSFW).


The Colbert treatment

“The online currency Bitcoin joins a rich tradition of made-up currencies like Camel Cash and the euro.”

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“How do I make them be money?”

Cracked finds a guy who wants to trade in his stock options for Bitcoins (this one goes on…).


Obligatory Mastercard bitcoin parody

A dark one.


What isn’t bitcoin?

Vooza, which produces humorous videos about the startup world, tackles Bitcoin.

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Love You Like A Bitcoin

A twist on Selena Gomez’s “I love you like a love song.” Hey, can’t be worse, right?


Stop looking at the price of Bitcoin

This young man has had it with Bitcoin.


Bitcoin animated

This animated video isn’t intended to be especially hilarious, but you might learn a thing or two and chuckle along with the characters.