Cisco to acquire Securent for $100 million; Vyatta versus Cisco

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Cisco to acquire Securent for $100 millionhere.

Cisco this week announced an agreement to acquire Securent, a provider of policy management software for enterprises, for $100 million. Securent is privately held and based in Mountain View, Calif. The company’s distributed policy platform lets enterprises administer, enforce, and audit access to data, communications, and applications in heterogeneous IT application environments, Cisco says. Join the discussion


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Brad Reese on Cisco:Vyatta versus Cisco

Is Vyatta's less than $100 per GB of memory advantageous over Cisco's sometimes $5,000 per GB of memory? Do you think the Vyatta price advantage outweighs its lack of features? Executives from Cisco, Vyatta and several bloggers duke it out. One sample comment (from the Vyatta exec): "... often debates of this nature get turned into all-or-nothing contests where the participants want to suggest that their particular point of view will reign supreme and the opposing point of view is utterly bankrupt."

Joe Panettieri's Eye on Cisco: Cisco's Profits: Five Trends Worth Watching

Wall Street has high hopes for Cisco Systems' latest quarterly results, which are slated to be announced November 7. But even if you aren't a shareholder, there are five key pieces of information that Cisco customers and partners should listen for during the earnings call.

Jeff Doyle on IP Routing: The value of offline modeling

I’ve written about network risk in this blog before, and have talked about the fact that the most common cause of network outages is simple human error. And that’s just for day-to-day operations. Few would argue that by far the highest risk exposure comes during network changes: Take the risks associated with everyday operations and multiply them by – depending on the scope of the change – several times to several orders of magnitude. As a result, many networks are not quite – or are not nearly – what their CIO/CTOs would like them to be

Wendell Odom's Cisco Cert Zone: Cisco Certs are dead – long live Cisco certs!the survey says - and it's a real survey, not the small informal ones I put in this blog space occasionally - that certified folks aren't as valuable today in comparison to people with non-certified skills. Other articles point to a worldwide IT skills shortage, which isn't a contradiction, but certainly bodes well for those workers in the IT world. So it got me thinking - what do folks like you experience in your workplace? So I decided to ask. But first, a few thoughts on these recent articles.


Dheeraj Tolani's Cisco Routing & Switching Essentials: VLAN Assignments

It’s about time we do some fun things with our switch. We have just set up a basic IP address on it for management purposes, along with the default gateway so that it can be managed from remote locations. Many other cool things can be set up on the switch that’ll make our lives a little easier. We can even have people plugged into one switch and still be part of a different logical network. This logical breakdown of the networks is known as a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN).

Michael Morris' Notes from the Field: Network Capacity Management - Why Few Do It, but Everyone Should - Part IIlast blog I discussed the need for a Network Capacity Management program and what should go into that program.So, now that you have a policy and know what you need to monitor, there are plenty of software tools around to do the job (in fact, do I dare complain that there are too many options?). Vendors fall over themselves to convince IT departments of the need for their capacity management tools. But because no single tool is a silver bullet, users can become quickly disillusioned.

In my

ChannelSurfing with Ken Presti: Cisco Rolls Out Managed Services Channel Program

It’s been over a year in the making, but Cisco’s new channel program for managed services providers has gone live. The move is part of a larger “offer-based” go-to-market strategy through which channel partners can choose channel programs appropriate to how they sell to the customer.

Jamey Heary: Cisco Security Expert: Cisco’s Enterprise Class Teleworker VPN solution

Cisco’s Enterprise Class Teleworker VPN solution is a no compromise work-from-home solution. Trying to figure out how to easily and securely deploy a few hundred VPN routers for your home office or small office users? Cisco’s ECT solution might be for you. Cisco Enterprise Class Teleworker (ECT) VPN solution is ideal for businesses that rely, or would like to rely, on having a large work-from-home staff. ECT is for those that have outgrown the capabilities a client-based VPN solution offers and require a dedicated home VPN router, like a Cisco 871w.


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