Google phones could suffer from lack of interoperability;5 myths about 802.11n wireles

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Google phones could suffer from lack of interoperability, 11/05/07: Phones built with Google’s Android operating system may suffer from a lack of interoperability, and enterprise IT executives will probably be wary about supporting multiple devices built with the much-hyped software platform, says Ken Dulaney, a Gartner analyst. Plus: Android FAQ

Google details highly anticipated 'Android' mobile platform, 11/05/07: After months of speculation Google has made its mobile phone plans official: the Web giant on Monday unveiled Android, an open platform for developing mobile phones with a Web experience Google promised will be as good as surfing on a desktop Web browser.

Podcast: 5 myths about 802.11n wireless: The emergence of 802.11n wireless technology has lots of people and vendors excited, but there are several misconceptions out there regarding this new technology. Bill Kish, co-founder of Ruckus Wireless, talks with Keith Shaw about the five myths surrounding 802.11n, and potential pitfalls for enterprises looking to deploy the technology (19:54).

Aruba launches 802.11n products, 11/05/07: Aruba Networks is the last major wireless LAN vendor to launch 802.11n fast Wi-Fi WLAN products -- but it claims to have better power-over-Ethernet support and central switching than the competition.

Wi-LAN sues Apple, Dell, HP, 19 others, 11/01/07: As if there weren’t enough patent lawsuits flying around the telecommunications industry, Wi-LAN announced today it has filed suit against 22 companies.

Bluetooth picks Wi-Fi as UWB drags along. 11/01/07: The Bluetooth community has decided to make a fast version of Bluetooth running over the Wi-Fi protocol, because handset makers and operators are increasingly frustrated by the wait for ultra-wideband (UWB) to finally appear in handsets.

Motorola begins testing 3G femtocells in Europe, 11/05/07: Motorola has started testing 3G femtocells in Europe, a technology that should help to improve indoor reception and reduce at-home calling costs for 3G users.

LG's iPhone-like phone launched in Europe, 11/05/07: The iPhone-like handset that LG Electronics unveiled at August's Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) trade show is now on sale in Europe, the company said Monday.

Video: iPhone ad spoof: Jason "No Wireless": If you watch any TV in prime time, you can't miss the "real world" Apple iPhone commercials. Well, the real world is not always that easy. Check out Jason's video, then get yourself 30 seconds of fame by uploading your own spoof now.

Google mobile OS unlikely, analysts say, 11/02/07: While it isn't yet clear what type of mobile announcement Google plans to make, it is clear what Google should do and why the company is interested in mobile services, experts say.

MetroPCS withdraws merger offer for Leap Wireless, 11/01/07: After being turned down earlier this year, it seems that MetroPCS is calling off its proposed marriage with Leap Wireless for good.

Wireless slowly dies after Leopard upgrade, users report, 10/31/07: Mac users are reporting a number of problems with their wireless connections after updating to Leopard, according to traffic on Apple's support forums.

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