Quirkiest moments at 2012 Black Hat security conference

From half-naked booth reps to colorful robots, it wasn't all about security on the exhibit floor and around the conference

Black Hat

What's going on in Vegas this week at the Black Hat security conference isn't staying there in light of handy dandy cellphone cameras being everywhere ...

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Just a robot out for a stroll at night in Las Vegas.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricoptor

If you stop and listen to Lieberman Software, you could win a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricoptor.

Microsoft typo

Do we win something for spotting the typo in Microsoft's booth?

booth babe

Another RSA booth babe in full Las Vegas come-hither garb.

hacker Academy

The Hacker Academy's good advice: "Improve Your Humans."


The McAfee booth featured a Lego-constructed scene depicting the company's network security products and global-threat intelligence, complete with ambulance, all put together by a certified Lego builder.

Forescout T-shirt

ForeScout's booth has what's maybe the best T-shirt.

Blue Coat

The Blue Coat booth featured a botnet the company named "Shnakule," which could make the criminals running it pretty angry. Blue Coat says the name was computer-generated based on information found on the botnet servers. That figures.


The ESET booth offered you a chance to spin the wheel and win a T-shirt.

Lieberman Software

Lieberman Software booth takes FUD to a high level.