UPDATED: What’s hot at Macworld|iWorld 2012

Macworld|iWorld seems to bring out the best, and sometimes the worst, in Apple-related creativity. Check out what’s new, cool, and just strange at this year’s show.

Left Coast Logic: managing days and projects

SmartDay is a Mac version of SmartPad, a daily organizer for iPad. It pulls tasks, events, notes, etc into a single application. SmartPlans version 3.0 is for project management and now integrates tightly with native Mac/iOS calendars. More info.

Brainshark’s SlideShark Team Edition

PowerPoint for iDevices SlideShark converts Microsoft PowerPoint files into a format that faithfully mimics PowerPoint on iOS devices. Team Edition, for businesses, adds more storage, and includes a set of administrative tools to manage tools. Price: Enterprise customers can sign up for a 60-day free trial for SlideShark Team Edition. The software and service is priced at $149 yearly per user. (See story: “Corporate PowerPoint files now play on iPad”). More info.

Soonr’s Scribble annotates any document

Originally for Mac, Scribble is now an iOS app for iPad and iPhone. Using a stylus, users can highlight, mark up and annotate popular document formats, and then save them to a shared project folder, via Soonr’s secure cloud service, to be accessed and worked on by others. Pricing. More info.

Kanex’s Sydnee, a multi-iPad recharging system

Making its Macworld|iWorld debut, after its initial unveiling at the CES show earlier this month, Sydnee is a stylish, clever unit for recharging up to four iPads or other iOS devices at once. Each device plugs via cable into a corresponding USB port, which supplies 2.1 Amps. The unit keeps the various cords sorted out, too. Price: $150. More info.

Apparent’s Doxie Go + Wi-Fi, mobile wireless scanner

With Wi-Fi, this highly portable scanner with built-in battery and memory chip can scan documents on its own, then send them wirelessly to your Mac, iOS device, PC, Evernote, or the cloud. Price: $239. More info.

iKeyboard creates a physical version of the iPad virtual keyboard

Set iKeyboard on the iPad, and cutouts fit the underlying virtual keyboard. A thin layer of film passes each keypress to the virtual keys beneath, but your fingers don’t touch the screen directly. Price: $35. More info.

Sheep Systems’ FileGoBack finds backed up file versions quickly, precisely

FileGoBack isn’t brand new, but it’s not well known. The goal is simple: Make Apple’s Time Machine backup application really convenient and easy to use. The lightweight GUI lets you see the history of a given file, for example, and quickly find files trashed or overwritten long ago. Relies on OS X Lion features so you need Mac OS X 10.7 or later. Price: Free demo version (more pricing info) . More info.

MokaFive fast-tracks virtual desktops on Macs, preps iPad app

“Mac in Minutes” is a USB stick that has everything an IT pro needs to set up scores of Macs running Windows applications virtually, and securely. The vendor is also demonstrating an iPad app that lets the iPad user access data and apps on a MokaFive-enabled Mac, and can keep the data persistent on the tablet for use later. More info.

Flygrip lets you “navigate your smartphone with one hand”

Press the cleverly designed Flygrip to the back of your iPhone and it steadies the handset so you can do more than you ever imagined with one thumb and a touch screen. Price: $30. More info.

Western Digital

MyBook Thunderbolt Duo WD demonstrates its not-yet-announced two-bay storage box, with 4-6 Terabyte capacity, and twin ports for the Apple-Intel Thunderbolt I/O interface. Up to six of the boxes can be daisy-chained thanks to the twin ports. WD says a single drive averages about 250Mbps. RAID configuration can be adjusted to maximized performance or redundancy. Ships in Q-1, pricing not yet announced

HP’s new SMB LaserJets with Apple AirPrint

HP introduced at Macworld a trio of printers aimed at SOHO/SMB markets, all supporting Apple’s AirPrint protocol for iOS devices. Shown: HP LaserJet Pro 400 color M475, which can print, scan, copy and fax, prints on both sides with Ethernet or wireless connectivity, 21 pages per minute. Models are priced at $699 and $749. The similar Pro 300 color M374 model, at $599, prints 19 pages per minute. Another, the LaserJet Pro 400 color M451, is a printer only, for professional quality output: 21 pages per minute, at 600 dpi. Touchscreens replace complex control panels.

Lantronix now shipping iOS print server

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OWC’s new high-end solid state disk for MacBook Air

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Smile brings PDF editor to iPad

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VIPorbit updates iPhone/iPad contact manager

VIPorbit for iPhone integrates your contacts and your calendar. Version 2.0 adds a bunch of new features including an updated UI that lets you move faster within a contact record to make calls, send emails and the like; a new Completed Activities Report to show completed activities for all contacts or a subset; immediate scheduling of follow-up activities. Until March 1, introductory prices half-off the regular prices: $4.99 for the iPhone app, and $9.99 for the iPad version. More info.