Skype’s new headquarters: a visual tour

Casual meeting areas and soaring ceilings create a colorful, light-filled space for Skype employees

Exposed ceilings, an open floor plan, and sound-insulated meeting rooms are all a part of Skype’s new North American headquarters, which was completed last year. Architecture and interior design firm Blitz, founded by partners Seth Hanley and Melissa Wallin in 2009, handled the renovation of the 54,000 square-foot office space in Palo Alto, Calif.

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The space had been through multiple interior improvements over the years. Stripping away all the additions revealed the building’s structural components and 16-foot ceilings.

Informal meeting spaces and lounges are interspersed throughout the open floor plan to encourage interaction among Skype employees.

Mobile white boards, called skype-its, are stationed throughout the space so employees can get together for informal meetings or brainstorming sessions.

When more privacy is required, free-standing units contain meeting spaces and provide the acoustics and tech equipment needed for Skype calls. A metal ceiling deck finishes off the ceiling and acts as a noise reducer.

Skype’s board room is clad in salvaged flavor sticks that were once added to wine barrels to infuse oak flavors.

The kitchen area doubles as a space for an all-staff meeting.

Collaboration areas (meeting rooms, coffee kiosks, and white board areas) are centered along main access spines on each level.

Workstation areas are situated along the building perimeter and doused in natural light.

Casual meeting spaces are created between the free standing meeting-room pods.

Landline phones salvaged from the building were repurposed as an art installation in Skype’s games room.