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Dump your legacy CRM system using open source tools November 5, 2007(Read more)

Most data-integration projects in today's enterprises never get built. The return on investment (ROI) on these small projects is too low to justify bringing in expensive middleware. So, if you want to perform the migration at zero license costs, you will probably need an open source data integration or Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) solution, coupled with an open source database. This article will explore a common task: how to get your customer data into Salesforce.com. We'll use Apatar Open Source ETL for visual data integration mapping and metadata management, and a MySQL database for staging the data for cleansing or enrichment.

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Linux guru's life, and life's work, hang in balance November 6, 2007

The fate of a Linux visionary who is charged with murder will be decided in a trial starting Tuesday in Oakland, Calif. Meanwhile, the fate of the file system he created remains left in the hands of an open-source community rapidly losing interest in the technology.

Hans Reiser is accused of killing his Russian-born wife, Nina Reiser, who disappeared in September 2006 in Oakland, but whose body has never been found. The Reisers were living apart at the time, in the middle of a contentious divorce and battle for custody of their two children. Hans Reiser was arrested a month later for his wife's murder after traces of her blood were found in his home and automobile.

Reiser created a Linux file system called ReiserFS, which in the mid-1990s was important for Linux. The first version of it, known as Reiser3, is part of the core Linux kernel. But since his arrest, work on the file system has been all but abandoned, and the successor to ReiserFS, Reiser4, has only a slim chance of survival in the community, said Jonathan Corbet, a well-known Linux expert and founder of LWN.net, a Linux Web news site that has been covering the OS and open-source software community for nearly 10 years. (Read more)

Kernel space: experimental container support for 2.6.24 November 6, 2007(Read more)

Faster than virtualization, but harder to implement, containers are a promising security technology for Linux. Watch the 2.6.24 kernel for experimental support for creating and managing containers.

Q&A: Google demands nonfragmentation pledge for Android November 6, 2007(Read more)

After Google released on Monday an initial set of details about its plans to alter how mobile applications are created and distributed, industry watchers are compiling a long list of follow-up questions about the Android platform and the Open Handset Alliance.

Android just another Linux platform, says Symbian CEO November 6, 2007(Read more)

Symbian CEO Nigel Clifford says he's already spoilt for choice with Linux-based cell phone platforms and that Google's Android software unveiled Monday appears to be another to add to the list.

The gPhone: Google's software erector set November 6, 2007(Read more)

After a frenzied build-up, Google did not announce the gPhone. Instead, the company announced there might be a gPhone in your future.

Red Hat to support Sun's OpenJDK Community November 5, 2007(Read more)

Red Hat has signed a licensing agreement with Sun to develop Java software applications compatible with Red Hat's RHEL operating system. As a member of the Sun OpenJDK Community, Red Hat will share code it develops with other Java developers. In return, Red Hat will have access to the test suite that determines whether Red Hat Java applications comply with Java SE 6 specification.

Red Hat signs on to Sun's open-source Java project November 5, 2007(Read more)

Red Hat has signed on to participate in Sun Microsystems' open-source Java Standard Edition (SE) project, OpenJDK, and to coordinate its own Java development efforts for Linux with the project.

Linux shops gain continuous data protection November 5, 2007(Read more)

SteelEye Technology Monday rolled out continuous data protection and multi-site replication capabilities for Linux shops. The company’s SteelEye Data Replication for Linux v6 software now includes the ability to rewind data recovery to any point in time and to support data replication to target devices across LANs or WANs.

Google's Android adds to mobile complexity November 5, 2007(Read more)

While Google may be pitching its new mobile software platform as a way to unify the mobile market, even members of the new alliance think differently.

FAQ: Google’s Android phone platform November 5, 2007(Read more)

Now that Google and its partners in the Open Handset Alliance have unveiled their open source Android platform for mobile devices, many may be wondering just how this will change the mobile phone industry. In this FAQ, we examine Android’s potential to deliver high-quality mobile Internet, as well as its potential to open up other mobile carriers' operating platforms.

Tonight's top ten list... November 2, 2007

LinuxWorld.com catches the IT Media's top ten list fever: Top ten IT books never to admit you haven't read. (Read more)

Everex to launch Linux notebooks under $300 next year November 2, 2007(Read more)

After introducing a US$198 Linux desktop Wednesday, PC vendor Everex said it will bring Linux laptops under $300 to users next year.

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Fun with Ubuntu "Gutsy Gibbon" (and a bug) November 6, 2007(Read more)

We upgraded to the latest Ubuntu release. On the plus side, there's better handling of recording from a USB audio box. One minus: a bug in a mail indexing utility. And is the processor running a little cooler now?

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