Major Russian crime hub suddenly dies; Hackers target Alicia Keys MySpace page

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Major Russian crime hub suddenly dies, 11/08/07: One of the Internet's most notorious malware and software exploit hubs, the Russian Business Network (RBN), has suddenly gone offline.

Hackers target Alicia Keys MySpace page, 11/09/07: The MySpace page of pop singer Alicia Keys appears to have been hacked and is emitting exploit code that can trick visitors to the page, according to a security vendor.

Antispam group targets transactions, not messages, 11/08/07: A father-son team that has dedicated time and energy to fighting spam says that as of today, it has shut down more than 50,000 Web sites that use unwanted messages to lure traffic.

Wait for service pack? No – how about a quickfix?: Microsoft Subnet blogger Chris Amaris reveals how to get Microsoft to fix bugs you find, pronto.

Trend Micro arms PlayStation against bad Web sites, 11/08/07: Trend Micro introduced a security service for Sony's PlayStation 3 on Thursday that blocks access to some potentially malicious Web sites. It's Trend's first product aimed at gamers.

Microsoft: Just a pair of security updates coming next week, 11/08/07: Security administrators should have a pretty easy time of it next Tuesday as Microsoft says it will issue just two updates in its monthly security software release.

Companies clueless about unsecured data costs, 11/07/07: When it comes to securing corporate information, many companies are clueless about which content needs protection, and most do not have a handle on the potential costs of not protecting it, according to a survey by AIIM-The ECM Association.

PCI compliance mandate's power raises conflict-of-interest questions, 11/08/07: Businesses accepting credit cards have to assure their networks are secured according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and to achieve that, they often make security investments based on the advice of the organization setting the standard and its 60 or so qualified security assessors empowered to judge whether a business is PCI compliant or not.

Trust in e-commerce, wireless service providers hits rock bottom, 11/08/07: Trust isn’t doing well in the world today. Perhaps it is our current political malaise, the ever-increasing threats to e-commerce on the Internet, complicated and oft-times ridiculous cell phone contracts or maybe everyone is just having a bad day. U.S. consumers say they have less trust in the business world than they did just 12 months ago and prefer dealing with smaller firms as a result.

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