State of wireless security: Frightful; FBI director targets the Internet’s top dangers

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Video: State of wireless security: Frightful: Think wardriving is passe? Keith rides around with AirDefense CTO Amit Sinha and sees enough wireless holes to make him want to go back to the manual typewriter.

FBI director targets the Internet’s top dangers, 11/07/07: The Internet’s dark side and the growing threat of nefarious attack via the ‘Net were the central themes of a pointed cybersecurity speech by the FBI’s Director Robert Mueller at The Pennsylvania State University.

Spammers beg for money in pre-holiday blast, 11/07/07: A new spam campaign has emerged that tells stories of the hard-knock life, and then asks for money.

Encryption is the name of the game, 11/06/07: An old cipherpunk saying goes, “There’s power in numbers — large prime numbers.” Encryption is a very powerful tool that's used by almost all companies to secure data in transit over untrusted networks.Up to now we’ve used encryption to protect against criminal elements, but what about using it to protect our data from service providers?

Mobile workforce represents security threat in '08, 11/06/07: As the size of the world's mobile workforce continues to increase rapidly, so too does the threat such remote workers represent to their organizations and IT departments, due largely to a lack of related security training and awareness, according to a recent study.

Problem-driver database gets ticketed for security flaws, 11/06/07: The U.S. Department of Transportation isn't adequately protecting personal data stored in a national database that state motor-vehicle departments use to identify problem drivers, according to a report released last week by the DOT's inspector general.

New payment application security standard on deck, 11/07/07: The PCI Security Standards Council today said it intends to add a new standard to cover payment-application software.

Spammers latch on to political subjects, 11/07/07: Ron Paul is hot. Image spam is not. According to Symantec’s Spam Monthly Report issued Monday, presidential hopefuls for the 2008 election are already hot subject-line topics, with Congressman Ron Paul emerging as spammers’ favorite.

Purify lets you filter, trace, report spam, 11/06/07: Hendrickson Software Components has announced the release of Purify, a program that lets you filter, trace and report unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam). It costs $29.95.

Vendor pitches 'virtual appliance' as FTP alternative, 11/06/07: Accellion Monday released a virtualized version of its namesake file transfer appliance, which is designed to help IT departments securely manage the transmission of large files that workers typically now send as e-mail attachments.

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