Testing All-in-one Firewalls

Joel Snyder examines 13 Unified Threat Management (UTM) products for performance, manageability, power consumption and more.

Intro to UTM Testing

These links provide direct access to our underlying reasoning for testing this class of products as well as a detailed methodology on how we tested them. You'll also find here a summary of how each of the 13 products tested faired across the 10 categories assess and get some insight into the things we couldn't actually prove (but still need to be considered) within the confines of this testing project.

Testing categories

Network World Lab Alliance member Joel Snyder assessed each of the 13 UTM products in ten categories. Here is a category by category breakdown of the results.

Product Summaries

These links provide a product-by-product breakdown of the all-in-one firewall wares tested by Lab Alliance member Joel Snyder.

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