New products of the week 05.12.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as IBM and CA

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

The Sideband vXRE

Product name: vXRE Virtual Appliance

Pricing: $1,200 for vXRE with analytics, network topology, alerts; $1,800 for vXRE with analytics, network topology, alerts, and network control and policy enforcement

Key features: virtualized appliance provides real-time analytics and insight to give network administrators an understanding of their network and perspective on network intelligence. More info.


Product name – Duet

Key features – a Bluetooth Low Energy device that automatically alerts you when your smartphone gets outside of a 10 meter (32 foot) range.  Different from your average tracker, the Duet is a stronger, more comprehensive loss prevention and recovery system than other available offerings. More info.

CA Nimsoft Monitor 7.5

Product name – CA Nimsoft Monitor 7.5

Key features – New functionalities include tablet-friendly HTML5 custom dashboards, dynamic thresholds, maintenance mode, VMware vSphere performance views, and added language support for German and Korean. More info.

CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery

Product name: CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery

Key features: Discover, analyze and risk score thousands of cloud applications across a wide range of enterprise categories, such as CRM, finance, HR, IT management, file sharing, collaboration, productivity and more. More info.

Barracuda SSL VPN version 2.5

Product name – Barracuda SSL VPN version 2.5  

Key features – offers employees remote access to internal web applications and files virtually anywhere – including iPads, iPhones, Windows and Android devices, without deploying or supporting full VPN. More info.

Branch Office Manager with ATS and Current Monitor

Product name: Branch Office Manager with ATS and Current Monitor

Key features: Remote console port access, reboot control, power redundancy and current monitor in a compact 1U device for out-of-band management.  Includes alarm functions, dual power inlets and enterprise management solution. More info.

MicroBlade with Pluribus NetVisor

Product name: MicroBlade with Pluribus NetVisor

Key features: The 6U 112 node Intel Atom-based MicroBlade features integrated 10/40 GbE Intel FM5224 Ethernet switches for ultra high-density server deployments. Pluribus NetVisor adds Layer 2+ and failsafe operation across multiple switch modules within the MicroBlade chassis via the Pluribus fabric-cluster. More info.

AppZero V6

Product name: AppZero V6

Key features: Recommended by Microsoft for upgrading enterprise server apps from Windows Server 2003, AppZero can “up-level” infrastructures and move server app to the cloud with the click of a button. More info.

DameWare Remote Support 11.0

Product name: DameWare Remote Support

Key features: features a new central, self-hosted server to control the security of data from end-to-end using only an Internet connection. More info.


Product name: SureView

Key features: Raytheon announced its latest version of SureView to include new policy support features that enhance product capability for continuous monitoring and network auditing against insider threat and privileged user abuse. More info.

Progress Rollbase

Product Name: Progress Rollbase

Key features: New standards-based mobile features to Rollbase, the RAD component of Pacific Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), including customized mobile or desktop development capabilities within a unified platform, with minimal coding, secure integration and easy cloud deployment. More info.

FactFinder 7.5

Product name: FactFinder 7.5

Product name: FactFinder now offers management views available through Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 that bridge the gap between managing business applications and the underlying infrastructure platforms. More info.

IBM Threat Protection System

Product name:  IBM Threat Protection System

Key features: Helps organizations prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats. Leverages security intelligence and behavioral analytics, beyond traditional signature-based defenses and firewalls, to disrupt attacks across the entire attack chain — from break-in to exfiltrate.


Product name: Yooz

Key features: automates workflows for accounts payable with three easy steps: capture, approve and pay. Yooz integrates with 50+ financial and ERP systems and payment gateways. More info.

Alteryx Analytics 9.0

Product name: Alteryx Analytics 9.0

Pricing: Alteryx Analytics Gallery is $1,500 per year per user: Consume analytic apps in the cloud; simple to use advanced analytics; access apps in secure, private environment o Alteryx Server is $85,000 per server, per year.

Key features: reduces the need for data scientist involvement in sophisticated analytics projects. It allows line-of-business analysts to complete predictive analytics, deep customer insights and data blending tasks. More info.

Imperva’s SecureSphere version 10.5 5

Product name: SecureSphere version 10.5

Pricing: SecureSphere for SharePoint pricing starts at $15,000

SecureSphere WAF for AWS pricing starts at $10,000

SecureSphere Database Activity Monitor starts at $25,000

Key features: delivers important new data center security features across the entire product line – File, Web Application, and Database Security. More info.

RainStor Compliance Edition

Product name: RainStor Compliance Edition

Key features: RainStor works with EMC Isilon SmartLock application to provide protection against manipulation or deletion of critical data, giving enterprises the ability to retain data for specific timeframes. With this new RainStor Compliance Edition, data is also fully available for high performance query, audit and search using standard SQL and BI tools. More info.

Dell Foglight for Exchange 5.6.7

Product name: Dell Foglight for Exchange 5.6.7

Key features: Single-pane-of-glass view into the health and performance of Exchange at the Roles, Server, Cluster and Database Availability Group (DAG) level. Out-of-the-box expert alerts, advice and dashboards to see the health and performance of Exchange environments and visualize and report on the entire Exchange infrastructure. More info.

Dell Active Administrator 7.0

Product name: Dell Active Administrator 7.0

Key features: A complete solution for Active Directory security, auditing, delegation, GPOs, accounts, recovery and health. New features include performance and interface enhancements to boost productivity and domain controller management. More info.

dinStorage S3

Product name: dinStorage S3

Key features: Through the use of dinCloud’s dinManage platform, customers can create and start using S3 accounts in minutes, managing their dedicated cloud storage with hundreds of S3 compatible applications. More info.

Dell Foglight for Active Administrator 5.6.7

Product name: Foglight for Active Directory

Key features: Single-pane-of-glass view and out-of-the-box expert alerts and advice for both AD and virtualization administrators, into the health and performance of entire AD infrastructure, including DNS servers, Global Catalogs, FSMO Roles Status, and Replication. More info.

Apigility 1.0

Product name: Apigility 1.0

Key features: an open-source API builder that provides a standardized User Interface for producing quality APIs, enabling companies to quickly and easily develop and deliver new applications. More info.



HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric-20/40 F8 module for HP BladeSystem

Product name: HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric-20/40 F8 module for HP BladeSystem

Key features: Creates simple, flexible connections between networking, servers and storage, allowing users to easily optimize their IT environment. Enhancements include 4x increase in uplink bandwidth and 2.5x increase in aggregate bandwidth. More info.

ScaleArc for SQL Server  3.1

Product name: ScaleArc for SQL Server  3.1

Key features: advances application availability and performance by adding automatic failover, query routing and sharding to database traffic management software. Auto-failover ensures app availability during planned/unplanned outages, including failover between data centers. More info.

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