Products of the week 9.10.12

Our roundup of intriguing new products

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Axway MailGate Secure Collaboration with DropZone

Product name: Axway MailGate Secure Collaboration with DropZone

Key features: Axway MailGate Secure Collaboration with DropZone provides enterprises with a secure method to share files and interact with collaborators from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. More info.

Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimizer

Product name – Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimizer (NITO)

Key features – NITO is a highly-efficient, powerful and cost-effective appliance designed to boost existing bandwidth. It enables IT managers to access and review traffic patterns and content usage, and offers insight for intelligent bandwidth management and allocation. More info.

AlgoSec Security Management Suite 6.3

Product Name: AlgoSec Security Management Suite 6.3

Key features: AlgoSec Security Management Suite 6.3 offers intelligent automation of network security policy analysis, optimization and change workflows with extended support for Check Point, McAfee, Cisco and Palo Alto Network and introduces actionable policy remediation recommendations for improved insight and control over network security management. More info.

Varonis Data Transport Engine

Product name: Varonis Data Transport Engine

Key features: Varonis DTE provides data archiving and migration to securely move and archive data, remove stale data and ensure permissions to moved data are maintained or improved. More info.

SUSE Cloud

Product name: SUSE Cloud

Pricing: $10,000 for SUSE cloud administrative server and first control node. $2,500 for additional nodes. $800 per socket for SUSE cloud compute or storage nodes.

Key features: SUSE Cloud is an automated cloud management platform that enables the rapid deployment and easy ongoing management of an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) private cloud. More info.

DevOps Dashboard

Product name: DevOps Dashboard

Key features: AppFirst’s DevOps Dashboard provides unified visibility into all of your data sources including systems, apps and business metrics. Stay on top of what's happening in real-time and understand how performance is impacting your bottom line. More info.

Serena Service Manager 3.5

Product name: Serena Service Manager 3.5

Key features: The updated version of Serena Service Manager now supports social IT collaboration with the new Orchestrated IT Feed. Stakeholders can collaborate with experts, “follow” items, people or issues, and receive updates via Twitter, Yammer, email, etc. More info.

6th Generation ftServer System

Product name: 6th Generation ftServer System

Key features: New models deliver up to four times more processing performance than the previous generation and systems may be configured with internal solid-state disk drives alone or in combination with high-density disks in the same chassis. More info.