Geekiest Peeps scenes: Easter candy like you’ve never seen it

Star Wars, video games and more get Peeps makeovers

Peeps, the marshmallowy soft yet slightly crunchy delicacy that emerges in time for Easter each year, might seem too delicious to use as props in art displays. But we can make exceptions when the displays are geeky enough, which these certainly are. The maker of Peeps encourages such displays, partnering with news and other organizations to run contests to collect the best.

Super Mario Peeps

This masterpiece appeared in the Washington Post’s annual Peeps Show competition in 2010. Clearly the work of a longtime fan of Mario, Luigi and friends/enemies from Super Mario Bros. games.

Battlestar Galactica Cylons

The dreaded Cylons live on in this Peeps diorama of a rebirthing tank.

Peeps Show III/Washington Post/ Sarah Kohari and Erin Mastrangelo

Steve Jobs presents the iPeep Nano

Apple’s late co-founder shows off “the iPeep Nano in Peep Chromatic colors.”

Potter Peeps

Blogger Julie Halpern in 2010 wrote “During my year off, I intend to subject my family to a visit to the new Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. I am afraid they will leave me from sheer embarrassment after I implode from excitement. Need I remind you of my Weasley Family Peeps Diorama?”

D&D & Peeps

Naturally, there’s a role for Peeps bunnies and chicks on the RPG scene.

Rubik’s Peeps Cube

Wonder how many people would solve the puzzle before eating it?

Chicago Bites

Peeps Tweet

Social media and Peeps are match made in heaven.

Peep Troopers

You didn’t think Star Wars would get overlooked by the Peeps people, did you?

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