7 classic Steve Ballmer videos

Retiring Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is one heck of a character

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Steve Ballmer is stepping down as CEO of Microsoft after an illustrious career. What will he be best remembered for? Windows operating systems? The Surface Tablet? Or perhaps it will be some of his crazy on-stage antics or amusing videos he created with Bill Gates. Here are seven of the wildest, classic Steve Ballmer videos.

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“I love this company!”

Perhaps this is the one he’s most famous – or infamous – for. It’s Ballmer starting a presentation, urging everyone in the crowd to “Get up!” “Who said sit down!?” and finally ending with, “I have four words for you: I love this company!”

Steve ballmer

Steve, show some web developer love

In this video at the Mix conference in 2008, Ballmer is asked by an audience member to give some love to web developers. He delivers.

Steve ballmer

Ballmer sells Windows 1.0

At his core, Steve Ballmer is a sales guy, need proof?

Steve ballmer


Some of Ballmer’s best videos feature his boss, and friend, Bill Gates. In this one, they have a playday.

Steve ballmer

Da da da

Here’s another featuring Ballmer and his buddy Bill, this one a commercial for Internet Explorer. “On the information super highway there are passengers and there are drivers.” Then a screen flashes: “Drivers wanted.”

Steve ballmer

Ballmer laughs at the iPhone

Right after Apple’s iPhone was released, Ballmer was asked in an interview what he thinks about it. His reaction is priceless.

Steve ballmer

Here’s Steve talking about Android phones

Ballmer is asked about Android phones. “You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows phone! I think you do to use an Android phone!”

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