Testing All-in-one Firewalls; MySpace problems predate Keys hack

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Testing All-in-one Firewalls, 11/12/07: Are there unified threat management (UTM) firewalls with the chops to provide the perimeter security functions that an enterprise needs? After all, enterprises generally employ best-of-breed security products, not the all-in-one devices popular with the small and medium business set. In this test of 13 enterprise UTM products Network World Lab Alliance member Joel Snyder puts these products through their paces in eight categories. Overall, he finds that good enterprise firewalls are plentiful, but adding in UTM features like intrusion prevention and anti-virus scanning will yield very spotty performance. The overall top performers in this test are Juniper, Cisco and Check Point.

MySpace problems began days before Alicia Keys hack, 11/10/07: The widely reported problems with pop singer Alicia Keys' MySpace profile have been cropping up on the social networking site for the past ten days and are likely to continue, a security expert said Friday.

Hacker pleads guilty to creating botnets, 11/10/07: A hacker has pleaded guilty to infecting hundreds of thousands of computers with malware in order to steal money from Paypal accounts. He could spend 60 years in prison and face a $1.75 million fine.

Microsoft stands by its invite to arrested hacker, 11/09/07: Microsoft's security team took a bit of a chance a few weeks ago, when it invited Roberto Preatoni to give a talk at its Redmond campus.

17 charged in massive identity theft bust, 11/09/07: The operators of a New York business have been charged with running a massive identity-theft and money-laundering operation that raked in more than $35 million over a four-year period.

Virus database tracks vendor performance, 11/09/07: A new online malware database details the latest virus outbreaks from around the world, and shows which antivirus tools were able to block the threats and which ones failed.

Credit card transaction security fortified by new risk assessment system, 11/09/07: Researchers Friday announced a bulked-up vulnerability risk assessment system that they say will help ensure the security of credit card transactions. The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) Version 2 was coauthored this year by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with 23 other organizations.

NIST calls for a new security ‘hash’ algorithm, 11/09/07: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) this week opened a competition to develop a new cryptographic hash algorithm, a tool that converts a file, message or block of data to a short fingerprint for use in digital signatures, message authentication and other computer security applications. Such hash algorithms are ultimately one of the key security technologies for federal and public systems.

DOJ cracks down on Internet pharmacy, 11/09/07: Six men face charges of illegally distributing drugs through an Internet pharmacy, and the U.S. Department of Justice is seeking forfeiture of more than $40 million in profit from the operation.

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