Products of the week 03.03.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Dell and Piston

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Risk Analytics as a Service

Product name: Risk Analytics as a Service

Key features: An innovative cloud service solution, offering a powerful, easy-to-use risk analytics platform that includes complete automation and continual tracking and reporting of risk, without an expensive deployment process. More info.

Zend Server 6.3

Product name: Zend Server 6.3

Key features: supports production environments on three versions of PHP: 5.5, 5.4, and 5.3, including long-term support for 5.3. More info.

Remote Console Access Solution with Dual Ethernet Ports

Product name: Remote Console Access Solution with Dual Ethernet Ports

Key features: Secure out-of-band access to console port command functions on remote network elements. Includes dual Ethernet ports for secondary network connection, plus Enterprise Management Software to allow control of multiple units. More info.

Outlet Metered Switched PDU with Dual 32 Amp Inputs

Product name: Outlet Metered Switched PDU with Dual 32 Amp Inputs

Key features: Heavy Duty, switched PDU for high amp, remote reboot and power switching. Features dual 32 Amp power inlets, outlet power metering and power consumption logging. Also includes Enterprise Management Software. More info.

Mobile Transfer Client

Product: Mobile Transfer Client


EFT Mobile Transfer Client (MTC) <100: $999.00

EFT Mobile Transfer Client (MTC) 100-249: $1,995

EFT Mobile Transfer Client (MTC) 250-499: $2,995

Key features: equips IT teams with governance, security and control over mobile file sharing and access. MTC offers military-grade security, giving employees easy, secure mobile access to corporate data. More info.

EdgeMarc 7301

Product name: EdgeMarc 7301

Key features: specifically designed for converged VoIP and data applications that are being delivered over high capacity broadband access links. More info.

Barracuda NG Firewall on  Windows Azure

Product name – Barracuda NG Firewall on  Windows Azure

Key features – The Barracuda Firewall enables organizations to deploy sophisticated multi-zone network architecture, and its centralized-management capabilities ensure scalable and fault tolerant network infrastructure without the management overhead. More info.

MetricStream Threat and Vulnerability Management Solution

Product name: MetricStream Threat and Vulnerability Management Solution

Key features:
monitors threat and vulnerability information for organizational assets across multiple sources, including VA tools, Threat Feeds and Social Media, to provide sophisticated threat and vulnerability intelligence for improved decision making. More info.

Unified Cloud Resource Manager

Product name: Unified Cloud Resource Manager

Key features: Using CompatibleOne’s Cloud Services Brokerage, CloudSigma customers can now securely manage their cloud environments at different locations, and across different providers, via a single user interface, giving them better insight into their global resource provisioning. More info.

DigiCert Certificate Inspector

Product Name: DigiCert Certificate Inspector

Key features: Discover all certificates on network. Identify potential certificate and endpoint configuration vulnerabilities, such as weak keys, problematic ciphers and expired certificates. For each detected vulnerability, receive list of remediation activities. More info.

TeamQuest Optimization in a Box

Product name - TeamQuest Optimization in a Box

Key features – a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies for automated analysis and optimization that is geared toward enabling businesses to realize the full performance benefits of the modern data center. More info.

V-locity version 5

Product name: V-locity version 5

Key features: gives customers central command and control for accelerating I/O intensive applications across virtual, physical and cloud environments. V-locity is now bundled with an enterprise-class management console that auto-detects assets across multiple locations, simplifies installation by deploying to thousands of virtual or physical servers, and combines I/O performance management that validates V-locity performance and provides ongoing I/O performance management. More info.

Cloudant Sync for Android and Cloudant Sync for iOS native libraries

Product name: Cloudant Sync for Android and Cloudant Sync for iOS native libraries

Key features: helping developers manage and replicate mobile application data on phones, tablets and other occasionally connected devices. More info.

Telerik DevCraft

Product name: Telerik DevCraft


DevCraft UI: $1,299 per developer, royalty-free

UI Controls for HTML5 and all .NET technologies

DevCraft Complete: $1,499 per developer, royalty-free

DevCraft UI plus code quality tools, debugging and productivity, reporting and data access

DevCraft Ultimate: $1,999 per developer, royalty-free

DevCraft Complete plus phone assistance, remote web assistance issue escalation, ticket pre-screening

Key features: focuses on UI, mobile, data, reporting and productivity enhancements for .NET platforms on the Telerik Platform. Features include responsive design, map reporting and document processing. More info.


Product name: Hyperscale


CPU: $0.07/hr                         $50.40/mo

GB RAM: $0.04/hr                 $28.80/mo

GB Storage: $0.0007/hr          $0.50/mo

Key features: Hyperscale is a high-performance compute and flash storage service designed to meet the growing need for cloud-based solutions that can handle complex web-scale workloads, Big Data and app development. More info.

PRTG Network Monitor

Product name: PRTG Network Monitor

Key features: PRTG for iOS offers IT professionals graphs and overview maps, provides insight into PRTG logs, and allows the user to acknowledge alarms or pause monitoring as desired. More info.

HotLink DR Express

Product name: HotLink DR Express

Key features: New HotLink CIMple Software Defined Networking (SDN) provides hybrid network management of Amazon Web Services in VMware vCenter for easy recovery in Amazon EC2 within minutes of an on-premise failure. More info.

Piston OpenStack

Product name: Piston OpenStack 3.0

Key features: uses advanced systems intelligence to orchestrate an entire private cloud environment using commodity hardware. 3.0 delivers more choice and flexibility for running a hands-free, software-defined data center. More info.

XE5 release of Embarcadero’s

Product name: XE5 release of Embarcadero’s portfolio of database tools, including ER/Studio XE5, DBArtisan XE5, Rapid SQL XE5, DB Optimizer XE5 and DB Change Manager XE5

Pricing shown is for single-platform workstation license:

DBArtisan XE5: starting at $2,755

Rapid SQL XE5: starting at $780

ER/Studio (Enterprise suite) XE5: starting at $2,075 ER/Studio Data Architect XE5: starting at $1,415 CONNECT XE5: starting at $1,250 for Author user license

Key features: The new XE5 release of Embarcadero’s portfolio of database tools adds support for the latest database management system (DBMS) platforms, including enhanced support for Teradata. More info.


Product name: UserActivation

Key features: The new desktop deployment feature for BitTrain’s cloud-based Office 365 onboarding platform named UserActivation automates the configuration of existing Outlook clients to the cloud, eliminating manual setup of individual desktops. More info.

Dell One Identity Privileged Governance Solution

Product: Dell One Identity Privileged Governance Solution

Pricing: The Dell Software solution for Privileged Account Governance requires Dell One Identity Manager ($15 per user/term) and either Privileged Password Manager or Privilege Session Manager ($75 per system, appliance required), plus implementation services for each unique environment. 

Key features: allows companies to identify potential security incidents with a single platform to provision, manage and govern access for both privileged and everyday users. More info.

 Secure Web Gateway Services

Product name: Secure Web Gateway Services

Pricing: URL Filtering annual subscriptions begin at a 1-year subscription for $1,999 on an F5 VE platform, $4,499 on an F5 BIG-IP platform, and $32,499 on an F5 VIPRION platform; and a 1-year subscription for a Secure Web Gateway license begins at $3,162 on an F5 VE platform, $7,117 on an F5 BIG-IP platform, and $51,499 on an F5 VIPRION platform. Please note that Secure Web Gateway Services requires an F5 Access Policy Manager (APM) as a base.

Key features: An integrated solution combining the most scalable access gateway with the most effective real-time web threat intelligence, delivering web access control, context-aware web security, bandwidth preservation, and inbound/outbound malware protection. More info.

SevOne Performance Visibility Center

Product name: SevOne Performance Visibility Center

Key features: Real-time performance dashboards, rapid historical reports, automatic baselines for every metric collected, proactive alerts of performance degradations, capacity trending, multi-tenant, and Rapid Device Certification in 10 days or less. More info.

Acronis BaaS

Product name: Acronis Backup as a Service (Acronis BaaS)

Pricing: $0.35 Gb/mo with a 40 percent discount for PCs or workstations when using Acronis’ Cloud Storage, $0.12 Gb/mo when not using Acronis’ Cloud Storage

Key features: a cloud backup and recovery solution that enables service providers to expand their data protection offerings, localize an automated backup service, grow recurring revenue, and kill churn. More info.