Chapter 9: Maintaining and Optimizing Windows Vista Systems

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Windows Vista includes the Startup Repair tool (StR) to automatically fix many common problems, including incompatible drivers, missing or corrupted startup configuration settings, and corrupted startup files. Once started, StR performs diagnostics and attempts to determine the cause of the startup failure by analyzing startup logs and error reports. If the problem cannot be corrected, StR will restore the system to its last known good working state, and then provides diagnostic information and support options to make further troubleshooting easier for the user or administrator.

StR is included on the Windows Vista installation disc and can be preinstalled so that it shows on the Windows Advanced Startup Options menu. To launch the StR from the installation CD, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the Windows Vista installation disc, and then restart the computer.

  2. Click View System Recovery Options (Advanced).

  3. Enter the name and password for an account on the computer.

  4. Click Startup Repair in the list of recovery tools.

  5. Follow the Startup Repair prompts to recover the system.

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