Products of the week 7.29.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Juniper and HP

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Product name: TrackerSuite.Net

Key features: offers integrated, highly configurable Web applications for projects, time, purchasing, HR, help desk and more. Workflow, views, forms and fields are all configurable. A free online demo is available. More info.

Belkin Secure DisplayPort KVM Switch

Belkin Secure DisplayPort KVM Switch

Product name: Belkin Secure DisplayPort KVM Switch

Key features: Belkin brings secure KVM to DisplayPort. Supports government users and those who handle confidential information, and need a seamless, coherent working environment for multiple networks with different security levels. More info.

ProcessMaker SugarCRM Edition

Product name: ProcessMaker SugarCRM Edition

Key features: PMSE enables lead management by bringing BPM functionality to SugarCRM platform through visual BPMN process mapping design, Business Rules design and execution, and integration with native Sugar elements. More info.

CommVault Edge

Product name: CommVault Edge

Key features: allows IT to automate protection for laptops and desktops and provides end-users with immediate, self-service access to their data, across devices, regardless of where it is created. More info.

Convercent 2.0

Product name - Convercent, release of Convercent 2.0.

Pricing - Companies with less than 1,000 employees will pay $15,000 per year in an annual recurring SaaS license, while prices for larger enterprises are expected to be in the low six figures.

Key features - first predictive analytics technology to understand risk and measure overall compliance health across an organization, offering multi-dimensional insight right from the internal dashboard. More info.


Product name -  SkyCrypt

Key features - a new, FIPS 140-2 validated, military grade 256-bit AES encryption program that secures data stored on popular free or paid cloud based storage providers and local files. More info.

HP ArcSight Threat Detector 2.0

Product name:  HP ArcSight Threat Detector 2.0

Key features: Out-of-the-box pattern profiles that use heuristic analysis on common areas of threat such as browsing patterns, distributed attack detection, early-stage attack detection and activity profiling. More info.

HP ArcSight Threat Response Manager 5.5

Product name: HP ArcSight Threat Response Manager 5.5

Key features: Provides a closed-loop, end-to-end network security and monitoring solution that addresses accelerated threat detection through proactive response. More info.

LN2600 Rugged Secure Router

Product name: LN2600 Rugged Secure Router

Key features: The LN2600 is an all-in-one platform designed to operate in the harshest environments typically found in utilities, telecommunication cell sites, industrial manufacturing facilities and transportation hubs where dust, heavy vibration, moisture and extreme temperatures are often the norm. Combining feature-rich routing, switching and security in a single platform, the environmentally-hardened LN2600 contains no vents or other openings, making it dust-tight and splash resistant. More info.

Net LineDancer V13

Product name: Net LineDancer V13

Key features: Designed to manage configurations and assets of network devices. Supporting multi-tenancy resolving the same IP addresses by SmartBridge. Allowing automatic logins by Terminal Proxy, and applying changes uniquely to multiple devices at one time. More info.

Palmetto Virtual Data Center 2.0 (PvDC)

Product name: Palmetto Virtual Data Center 2.0 (PvDC)

Pricing: starts at $58 a month for Production Server Solutions and Business Recovery Services start at $150 per month per virtual server.

Key features: PvDC 2.0 is a unique platform that enables customers to reallocate resources to a hybrid cloud via a unified platform ensuring performance, scalability, and security, at a reduced cost. More info.


Product name: NTODefend

Key features: Virtual patching solution now automatically blocks an average of 95% of an application’s vulnerabilities when leveraged with intrusion detection and prevention technology based on Sourcefire’s Snort IPS or ModSecurity’s WAF. More info. 

Actionable Content Analytics

Product name: Actionable Content Analytics

Key features: enables businesses to engage with viewers of its content across all channels and turn views into qualified leads. More info.

PAR4 Measurement System with STARLINE Plug-In Raceway Integration

Product name: PAR4 Measurement System with STARLINE Plug-In Raceway Integration

Key features: an integrated test environment that now combines the STARLINE Plug-In Raceway and power monitor meters with the Power Assure measurement system to measure actual idle and peak power consumption of individual IT equipment and IT racks. More info.


Product name: PROS Step

Key features: Step micro-segments customers by common buying preferences, prescribes pricing strategies, and arms sales with data to identify opportunities and meet sales targets. Step runs on the cloud-based Microsoft Azure platform. More info.

SailPoint IdentityNow

Product name – SailPoint IdentityNow

Key features - an enterprise-grade IDaaS solution that unifies identity governance, provisioning and access management into a single, unified SaaS solution. More info.

Savvis Cloud Data Center

Product name: Savvis Cloud Data Center

Key features: is a virtual data center service built on VMware vCloud Director 5.1 giving users the flexibly to build software-defined data center services that manage compute capabilities, storage, network connectivity and security operations. More info.

Seculert 2.0

Product name – Seculert 2.0

Key features - Seculert is a 100% cloud-based advanced threat protection solution that uses botnet interception, an elastic sandbox and traffic log analysis that transforms existing security devices into a comprehensive APT solution. More info.

Spigit Mobile

Product name: Spigit Mobile

Key features: enables continuous business innovation by employees and customers on iPhone and Android. Participate in innovation challenges - Post, Comment, Vote on Ideas with pictures and move up the Leaderboard. More info.

SSH Risk Assessor (SRA) tool

Product Name – SSH Risk Assessor (SRA) tool 

Key features – a free tool that reports on risk and compliance exposures in SSH environments. More info.


Product name: SwiftStack

Key features: a software-defined storage option, giving applications an experience and scale that mimics public cloud, but runs on commodity hardware for cost savings. More info.

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