Products of the week 1.13.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Cortado and NCP

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

SnoopWall for Android

Product name: SnoopWall for Android

Key features: “Counterveillance” software keeps-out cyber snoops/spies/criminals: Solves Google privacy problems -- Gives users full control over permissions for applications/data ports on Android phones/mobile devices; Flags and blocks malware/spyware; Preserves battery life. More info.

NCP Secure Entry Client (Win 32/64 bit) version 9.32

Product name: NCP Secure Entry Client (Win 32/64 bit) version 9.32

Key features: The latest version of NCP engineering’s IPsec VPN client suite is compatible with Windows 8.1, improves data transmission and introduces IPv6 support for communications with NCP’s hybrid IPsec/SSL VPN gateway or any third-party VPN gateway. More info.

Zerto Virtual Replication 3.1

Product name: Zerto Virtual Replication 3.1

Key features: Through hypervisor-based replication technology, ZVR 3.1 enables both cloud service providers (CSPs) and enterprises to quickly and easily manage workload protection to meet changing business needs, while ensuring minimal downtime. More info.

EdgeProtect 4550 Enterprise Session Border Controllers

Product name: EdgeProtect 4550 Enterprise Session Border Controllers

Key features: SIP support, WAN or LAN side embedded gatekeeper, video communication support, application security for registration and call policy. EdgeProtect 4550 delivers enterprise-class security and reliability for video conferencing for SMB. More info.

Coverity Development Testing Platform 7.0

Product name: Coverity Development Testing Platform 7.0

Key features: The next generation of Coverity’s software-testing platform enables development organizations to create and deliver better software, faster. New features include enhanced code analysis capabilities for C#, Java and C/C++. More info.

Enterprise Out-of-Band Management Software

Product name: Enterprise Out-of-Band Management Software

Key features: provides a centralized interface for managing WTI console servers and switched PDUs spread throughout your network infrastructure, simplifying remote console port access and power switching control. More info.

xPrintServer – Cloud Print Edition

Product name – xPrintServer – Cloud Print Edition

Key features: enables cloud print-compatible devices running ChromeOS, Android OS or Chrome browsers to wirelessly print to networked or USB printers from anywhere in the world. It’s the first and only print server certified by Google to support cloud print technology. More info.

Snapshot Management Technology

Product name: Snapshot Management Technology

Key features: allows customers to snapshot and clone live, running drives. Coupled with automated snapshot policies and drive-by-drive recovery capabilities, companies now have an efficient way to manage business continuity in the cloud. More info.

Barracuda Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Product name – Barracuda Backup-as-a-Service 

Key features – allows Barracuda Backup 190 and 390 to be purchased as an annual service that includes an appliance, Energize Updates, Instant Replacement and Unlimited Cloud storage. More info.

Cortado Corporate Server 7

Product name: Cortado Corporate Server 7

Key features: the first and only enterprise mobility solution that enables companies to leverage the full potential of Apple’s iOS 7 business functions. More info.

Cloudyn MSP

Product name: Cloudyn MSP

Pricing: Free Trial for 20 days. Pricing dependent of company’s annual cloud spend to offer comparative pricing.

Annual Cloud spend   Cloudyn cost
Under $50k                             $59/month
$50k-$150k                             $249/month (annual discount available)
$151k-$300k                           $349/month (annual discount available)
$301k-$500k                           $549/month (annual discount available)
$500k-$1m                              $875/month (annual discount available)

Key features: • Manage over $1M in cloud spend

            • Define role-based access across multiple customers or internal accounts

            • Log-in as the cloud super-user or access a specific account

            • Share reporting and trending data

More information.

Responder Pro 2.1

Product Name: Responder Pro 2.1

Key features: detects never-before-seen-rootkits, Trojans, and other malware completely invisible to anti-virus and indicator of compromise scanners. More info.

AirWatch Inbox

Product name: AirWatch Inbox

Key features: a secure, containerized email client providing separation of enterprise and personal data. Protected with FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption, the AirWatch Inbox is configured with advanced data loss prevention policies to secure sensitive data. More info.

CounterTack\'s Sentinel

Product name: Sentinel

Key features: provides comprehensive endpoint attack context and visibility, and can scale enterprise-wide to monitor every endpoint with no performance impact. More info.

Product name: Carbonite Pro for Workstations and Carbonite Server


Carbonite Pro for Workstations

  • 5 computers, 100 GB total: $269.99
  • 10 computers, 250 GB total: $269.99
  • 10 computers, 2 file servers, 250 GB total: $499.99
  • 15 computers, 2 file servers, 500 GB total: $599.99


Carbonite Server

  • 3 application servers, 250 GB total: $799.99
  • 5 application servers, 500 GB total: $899.99
  • 10 computers and 4 application servers, 500 GB total: $999.99


Key features: plans back up an unlimited number of computers, NAS devices, servers and databases at prices designed to support small business budgets. More info.

Commence CRM OnDemand Version 5.5

Product name: Commence CRM OnDemand Version 5.5

Key features: automates and streamlines front office business processes of sales, marketing and customer service. “Conversations Feature” part Twitter; part Instant Messaging provides enhanced way to improve and document internal communication. More info.

Logi Vision

Product name: Logi Vision

Key features: delivers data discovery so anyone can analyze, visualize and socialize insights. It drives decision-making through a recommendations approach that delivers best practices in data profiling and data visualization. More info.

WideAngle Managed Security Services

Product name: WideAngle Managed Security Services

Key features: offers a complete security solution, delivering enriched information to protect the organization, via experts in our Global Risk Operations Centers, providing proactive reporting on threats and vulnerabilities. More info.


Product name: Nubo

Key features: offers a remote enterprise work environment for both iOS and Android devices with 1GB of files per user and email, calendar and office apps, with no data residing on worker devices. More info.

Datapipe\'s Stratosphere(r) Cloud

Product name: Datapipe's Stratosphere(r) Cloud with Alert Logic Threat Manager integration

Pricing: Ranges between $1.59 per hour or 1,160 per month, to $6.35 or $4,636 per month, depending on plan features and bandwidth

Key features: offers on-demand provisioning of Alert Logic's Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS). This integration enables threat monitoring coupled with Datapipe's incident response and support for public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments. More info.

Intralinks VIA Enterprise

Product name: Intralinks VIA Enterprise

Key features: provides content lifecycle management. Share documents, collaborate through work streams, publish to broad audiences, and archive or permanently dispose of everything. More info.

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