Products of the week 8.5.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as McAfee and IBM

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Accellion Mobile App

Product name: Accellion Mobile App

Key features: Accellion’s new Remote Wipe feature gives administrators device-level management not normally offered by a mobile productivity solution, to further ensure the security of an organization’s data. More info.

Netropy 10G1 WAN Emulator

Product name: Netropy 10G1 WAN Emulator

Key features: emulates bandwidth, latency, loss, and other WAN conditions to test application performance over networks up to 10Gbps. More info.

Coupa Release 10

Product name: Coupa Release 10

Key features: includes an entirely new sourcing application to help companies save money on the things that makes their businesses run. It also enhances Coupa’s suite of cloud-based spend applications. More info.

FirstRain Market Insights

Product name – FirstRain Market Insights

Key features – is an enhanced suite of big data analytics capabilities that provides a new way for CMOs, marketing teams and strategic leaders to put their go-to-market strategy into action. More info.

GenieDB Globally Distributed MySQL-as-a-Service

Product name: GenieDB Globally Distributed MySQL-as-a-Service

Key features: an automated platform to build web-scale applications that gain the benefits of geographical database distribution (geo-distribution): continuous availability during regional outages (data center or cloud failure, natural disaster, etc.) and better application response time for globally distributed users. More info.

IBM PowerLinux 7R4

Product name: IBM PowerLinux 7R4
Key features: delivers a new level of performance with up to four sockets and 32 cores -- ideal for clients seeking a Linux solution capable of handling compute-intensive workloads including analytics, cognitive computing, database and web infrastructure. More info.

McAfee Mobile Security premium

Product name: McAfee Mobile Security premium

Key features: The Multi-user App Profile function allows consumers to create multiple user profiles or “safe zones” on one device with customized or restricted access to apps. More info.

AWS Spot Instance Analytics by Newvem

Product name: AWS Spot Instance Analytics by Newvem

Key features: gives visibility on spot costs, risks, and assets and insights to optimize spend and resource usage. More info.

Capture Probe eXtreme (CPX) 4.0

Product name: Capture Probe eXtreme (CPX) 4.0

Key features: nPulse, a provider of packet capture and analysis, announced its CPX 4.0 for 10Gbps networks, making it the fastest packet capture and packet search solution at 30-million packets per second. More info.


Product Name: Metadefender

Key features: helps protect organizations against threats by providing IT administrators with comprehensive control of data flow into and out of an organization. More info.

PernixData Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP)

Product name: PernixData Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP)

Key features: This software virtualizes all server side flash into a clustered acceleration tier that enables IT administrators to scale-out storage performance completely independent of storage capacity. More info.


Product: RSA ECAT V3.5

Key Features: a signature-less malware detection tool for endpoints that helps organizations detect, analyze and respond to advanced threats. Combining live memory analysis and in-depth inspection of host behavior, RSA ECAT is designed to help security teams quickly identify previously unknown malware and compromises that other solutions miss. More info.

Tenable Passive Vulnerability Scanner

Product name - Tenable Passive Vulnerability Scanner 

Key features – PVS uses network sniffing technology to monitor systems sensitive to disruption by traditional scanning, transient systems like mobile, virtual and cloud apps that may not be present during scheduled scans. More info.

AdminStudio Suite 2013

Product name: AdminStudio 2013

Key features: helps organizations manage their consumerization of IT and BYOD initiatives by streamlining their ability to test, fix, prepare, package, migrate and manage applications in mobile, Windows 7 and virtualized environments. More info.

Product name: s800 family of Micro SAS SSDs in 2.5" and 1.8" form factors

Key features: The new small-form-factor (1.8-inch) Micro SAS SSDs are available with stringent 256-bit AES-XTS encryption, enabling hardware-level security in cloud computing, data centers and web-based applications, as well as in government and defense environments where data protection is crucial. More info.