Products of the week 9.16.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as IBM and Varonis

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Armor5 CloudEdit

Product name: Armor5 CloudEdit

Key features: An on-demand cloud security service enabling workers to securely use any device to edit Microsoft Office documents stored on-premise or in a cloud service, without requiring an app on the device. More info.

Cumulus Linux

Product Name: Cumulus Linux

Key features: Cumulus Networks just announced hardware Layer 2 gateway services on networking gear running Cumulus Linux. This extends virtual networks to physical workloads. Cumulus also announced integration with the VMware NSX platform. More info.

Laserfiche 9

Product name: Laserfiche 9

Key features: Includes web-based forms and reporting tools that increase visibility into workflow performance. More info.

Product name: NCP Secure Enterprise Client for Android version 2.32

Key features: NCP engineering’s centrally managed, Android-compatible VPN features a connection widget and Full Network Enclosure Mode, ensures automatic tunnel establishment, and includes a reworked configuration interface, improved certificate PIN handling and PKCS#11 interface support. More info.

Varonis DatAlert

Product name: Varonis DatAlert

Pricing: With the Data Governance Suite includes DatAdvantage for windows and DatAlert, the price for 100 users would start at about $20,000

Key features: DatAlert provides alerts on monitored unstructured data in real time, including access or deletion of sensitive data, and changes to permissions and configuration files. More info.

Sapphire Snap-In Disk Array

Product name: Sapphire Snap-In Disk Array

Key features: Compact, light weight, low power, external multi-bay storage device with eSATA, USB 3.0, or mini SAS connections. Hot swap up to four SATA 2.5-inch hard drives or SDDs with RAID capability. More info.

Network Sentry 6.1

Product name:  Network Sentry 6.1

Key features:  New features in Network Sentry 6.1 include a REST API to extend and tighten integrations with leading security, mobile device management, and network infrastructure solutions for greater endpoint visibility, control and remediation. More info.

SafeNet Sentinel Envelope AppOnChip

Product name: SafeNet Sentinel Envelope AppOnChip

Key features: AppOnChip creates an inseparable binding between Sentinel hardware keys and protected applications. The automated process encrypts and executes code on the hardware key, delivering industry-leading software protection. More info.

App Policy Management

Product name - App Policy Management

Pricing - Subscription to Appthority Portal for non-MDM customers is priced around $4000 per month. Subscription is typically billed for one year in advance. For MDM customers, subscription to the Appthority Portal with MDM enforcement of mobile app policies is available for $4 per managed-user per month. There are no additional costs associated with Appthority’s services.

Key features - This is the industry’s first all-in-one app risk management solution combining app reputation analysis with a new policy management functionality, enabling organizations to create custom app risk policies. More info.

Intralinks VIA

Product name: Intralinks VIA

Key features: VIA is Intralinks’ secure enterprise collaboration solution that helps organizations take lifetime control of their information. The VIA update gives administrators visibility, governance and control over how organizations share information. More info.

Silent Circle: Silent Phone, Silent Text and Silent Phone for Desktop

Product name: Silent Circle: Silent Phone, Silent Text and Silent Phone for Desktop

Pricing: Silent Circle Mobile

  • Silent Phone and Silent Text for $9.95/month or $99.95/year, per subscriber
  • Optional Out-Circle Access for an additional $23.95/month or $249.95/year, per subscriber

 Silent Circle Enterprise

  • Silent Circle Mobile with Silent Circle Management Console for $139.95/year, per subscriber
  • Optional Out-Circle Access for an additional $249.95/year, per subscriber
  • Optional Silent Circle Desktop for an additional $69.95/year, per subscriber

 Silent Circle Desktop

Silent Phone for Desktop for Windows PCs for $69.95/year

Key features: Updated pricing bundles: Silent Phone for secure voice/video calls, Silent Text for encrypted mobile messaging with attachments up to 100MB and “Burn Notice” auto-delete protection and encrypted videoconferencing on through Silent Phone for Desktop. More info.


IBM NeXtScale System

Product name: IBM NeXtScale System

Key features: A flexible computing platform ideal for the fastest-growing workloads, including social media, analytics, technical computing and cloud delivery. It enables easy integration into any data center through an open architecture. More info.

Zscaler for APTs

Product name: Zscaler for APTs

Key features: The first cloud-based security solution to address the advanced threat defense life cycle, including protection, detection and remediation; enables continuous coverage of any user on any device, in any location. More info.

Attunity Replicate V3.0

Product name: Attunity Replicate V3.0

Key features: Moves any data, anytime, anywhere:

  • Full-load Data Transfer w/CDC
  • Click-2-Replicate, easy-to-use w/quick implementation
  • Heterogeneous WAN replication-datacenters, satellites, cloud
  • Enables zero-downtime migrations/upgrades, DR, Big Data BI/analytics, data consolidation
  • Automates schema & DDL replication

More info.

Virtualized Cloud Data Firewall on Amazon Web Services

Product name: Virtualized Cloud Data Firewall on Amazon Web Services

Key features: delivers scalable data security in the AWS allowing organizations to meet compliance requirements and protect sensitive data within AWS implementations. More info.

Spirent Avalanche NEXT

Product name:  Spirent Avalanche NEXT

Key features: expansive test coverage, line-rate stateful traffic for multiple 10G ports, integrated protocol fuzzing for vulnerability testing. More info.

Anomaly Detection

Product name: Anomaly Detection

Key features: enables enterprises to automatically detect events in machine data, generate previously undiscoverable insights within a company’s IT and security infrastructure, and remediate before an issue impacts the business. More info.

Replicon Time-Tracking Platform

Product name: Replicon Time-Tracking Platform

Key features: Replicon’s cloud-based platform modernizes and simplifies the process of entering time and requesting PTO for employees while allowing businesses to more accurately track human capital, reduce compliance risk and get availability into business performance. More info.

Axcient Cloud Continuity

Product name: Axcient Cloud Continuity

Key features: Axcient's new storage architecture has combined the ability to handle heavy data streaming and fast data processing into one storage platform to retrieve data at faster rates. More info.

Crafter Social

Product name: Crafter Social

Key features: Enables website developers to easily add social engagement features to website applications, including discussion forums, blogs, wikis, and more. It is an open-source, Java-based solution and integrates with Crafter Profile. More info.

Secunia Corporate Software Inspector, version 7.0

Product name:  Secunia Corporate Software Inspector, version 7.0  

Key features: Provides enterprises with complete patch management: Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Scanning, Patch Creation and Patch Deployment Integration. System Center 2012 integration, zero-day vulnerability and android mobile device support also available. More info.

MOVEit 8.0

Product name – MOVEit 8.0

Key features - Enables mobile workers to reliably and productively transfer files as part of key business processes; provides IT leaders security, visibility and control to run their business and meet compliance requirements. More info.


Product name: CloudIAM

Key features: The only cloud-managed multi-tenant enterprise-class security offering currently on the market that promotes seamless out-of-the-box integration between identity management, access management and single-sign-on. Provides functionality to securely administer identity creation, maintain real-time provisioning/deprovisioning, streamline compliance reporting and enforce access control. More info.

Publishing Experience

Product name: Publishing Experience

Key features: PaperShare, a content-engagement platform, allows companies to see who views their content and directly engage with them. Recent enhancements emphasize simplifying the exchange of information between employees in the enterprise. More info.



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