iPhoneys: Apple iPhone 6 concepts

Moving beyond iPhone 5S and 5C, new designs feature bigger screens and more magic

iPhone 6

The newfangled iPhone 6 models envisioned by creative designers around the world probably won’t find their way into products for the holidays this year, but at least you have the new iPhone 5S and 5C to satisfy you for now. Here’s a rundown of the latest:

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iPhone 6 clones

iPhone 6 clone

iPhone 6 clones have begun showing up in reviewers' mailboxes, and they're running Android.


The 3-in-1 concept

iPhone 6 clones have begun showing up in reviewers' mailboxes, and they're running Android.

This 3D render video of an iPhone 6 Pro from SCAVids' Sahanan Yogarasa features an iStick stylus and an embedded heart rate montor in a 7.2mm thin smartphone.

SCAVids also envisions an iPhone 6 Pro with an integrated gaming controller, dubbed…iController. It lets you project video games onto walls. Pretty wild.

This slick video from SCAVids' Sahanan Yogarasa shows an iPhone 6 with a 16MP camera with 4K video capture, super-thin 5.23mm and "Ultra Retina Display", and a very magical 5-inch dual-screen.

Mac Rumor has commissioned 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iPhone 6 renderings from designer Ferry Passchier based on alleged design drawings published in March by Japanese magazine MacFan.

This full-metal mockup of the iPhone 6 made an appearance at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, where case makers showed off their wares…designed to fit the shape of the new iPhone.

iPhoneys 6

Fuse Chicken, a smartphone accessories company, let fly an iPhone 6 design concept as part of a successfully funded Kickstarter marketing campaign for an all-in-one charger/syncer/stand/dock cable for iPhone 5/C/S. Their vision: An iPad Air-like iPhone with a 4.9-inch touchscreen, 40% thinner body than the iPhone 5S, a 64-bit A8 processor, an ultra-thin 1mm screen bezel, a 5mp Facetime camera and more.

iPhoneys 6

This concept from Iskander Utebayev (video by Ran Avni) shows a smartphone with a wrap-around screen  -- perhaps not far-fetched since Samsung reportedly has something along these lines in the works for 2014. Questions remain about how such a device would work, such as how a user would avoid accidently cranking the volume up while grasping the sides of the phone, but we have a feeling there’s plenty of time to work out such kinks.

iPhoneys 6

Not all concepts are about bigger-screened iPhone 6 models: This version from designer Arthur Reis and videographer Ran Avni shows a 4.2-inch screen with full HD display, a 12mp rear camera, a speedier A7X processor and a 2X faster GPU, and better speakers. This design shows a phone 1.1mm thinner than the iPhone 5S and 20% lighter. And yes, it would come in gold!

iPhoneys 6

This design from Set Solution boasts a 3D camera, wireless charging, 4.8mm thin body, 4.7-inch screen, plus a creepy animal/person at the end of the video.

iPhoneys 6

New gold standard from designers Martin Hajek and Steve Hemmerstoffer (of French blog www.nowhereelse.fr). This model boasts a 4.8-inch screen in a tighter package than the iPhone 5S.

iPhoneys 6

This big but thin (5.3mm) iPhone 6 design from Nikola Cirkovic (out of Serbia) was posted on the site GrabCad

iPhoneys 6

This sleek black design from Adrian Valenzuela at Gdeluxe.com conjures up thoughts of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. The designer describes the phone as having a clean slate of glass, no physical buttons and a smooth edge all around. The phone would always be “juicing up energy in your hand” for wireless charging simplicity.

This iPhone Air concept from SET Solution features the biggest yet thinnest iPhone yet, and envisions the top of the phone being thinner (1.5mm) than the base (3mm). It's a sleek design, with gold highlights, a 5-inch Retina Display screen and a 10mp camera. SET Solution says the people there "work hard to create these concepts, hoping to give some good ideas to the producers."

SET Solution is on a roll, having also created an iPhone 6C concept video, this featuring a colorful and uniquely curved design.

This isn't technically an iPhone 6 concept, but rather a design that applies iOS 7's look and feel to OS X for Mac computers. Andrew Ambrosino shows what iOS 7 might look like from a Mac's lock screen to its app menu and more in this OS X 11 design.

Lewi Hussey throws us a "curve" with this iPhone 6 design concept, featuring a 5-inch Retina Display and a half millimeter-thin body. The phone design boasts a 12mp camera.

Here's what an iPhone 6 (gray, gold or white) with a 4.6-inch Retina Display might look like with iOS 8, from the mind of Lorenzo Rojas.

This idea from DeviantArt focuses on the ability of the next iPhone to let you listen to your music while also recording HD video/audio without your songs interfering with the audio accompanying the video, and vice-versa. The icons shown would let you control volume levels. Not that most people would find themselves needing to do this often, but just in case you do need to…

Alex Casabo and Ran Avni conjure up glistening iPhones running iOS 7.2 and featuring 4.7-inch screens with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. This concept features a thinner design and a shift in location for the camera lens.

Amine Kaddari's iPhone 6 concept features a 4.8-inch screen, an optical image stabilization (OIS) camera and an exterior made from the much discussed and mysterious LiquidMetal material.


Martin Hajek kisses the home button goodbye in his latest iPhone 6 design, with a gold finish.


This super-sleek version (6.1mm thin, shaving 2mm off the actual latest iPhone) from Joseph Farahi and ConceptsiPhone boasts a 5.1-inch screen, 10mp camera and solar charging via the iPhone screen.


Federico Ciccarese is back with some new iPhone 6 concept images, including ones with 4.7- and 5.5-inch screens shown alongside the current 5S model with a 4-inch screen. The aspect ratios of all are the same at 16:9, though the pixels are 750×1338,  878×1568 and 640×1138, respectively.

This concept borrows from the iPad Air design and features 3 different light-as-air iPhones — the iPhone Air Mini (3.5-inch display), iPhone Air (4.7 inch) and iPhone Air Pro (5.5 inch), all Titanium and all 6.5mm thin.


Hey, there's an iPhone 6 ad out — not that there's actually an iPhone 6 yet. Nevertheless, this fictional smartphone boasts iOS 7.1 and an A8 processor.


This iOS 8 software concept envisions a Mission Control panel that blends iOS 7's Control Center interface with multitasking features, enabling you to shrink and scroll through various apps. This concept is from Bill Labus of Dribbble.

Apple's colorful iPhone 5C has been a disappointing seller so envisioning a next version of it might really be getting ahead of ourselves. But that didn't stop Joseph Farahi from imagining what it might look like, and who knows, maybe some of this would make its way into the iPhone 6. His creation includes a 4.7-inch Retina Display screen, weighs 116 grams and features a Touch ID sensor.


SET Solution brings on the holographic screens in its iPhone 6 concept video, in which multiple holographic screens are projected from the side of the device.


Arthur Reis and Ran Avni combine on this video of an iPhone 6 concept that boasts a 4.5-inch sapphire screen…and a subtly curved one at that.

This concept design from TechRadar goes bezel-free on the phone's sides, envisions a 4.7-inch screen (1080x1920 pixels), sleek 5.5mm Liquidmetal body and sapphire screen with a "self-healing coat." Also features button-free commands, a 13mp camera and some very creepy background music.

This 5.5-inch screen iPhone 6 concept gets into phablet territory. James Bond-like music adds intrigue to this video from Simone Evangelista and Ran Avni.


This iPhone 6 design from prolific Apple concept creator Martin Hajek shows very sharp angles around the corners vs. the rounder ones seen in iPhones. Some have said the concept reminds them more of a big iPod Nano. The concept puts WiFi and GPS transceivers behind the Apple logo on the back and also thins down the iPhone, at 5.6mm vs. the iPhone 5S, which comes in at 7.6mm.

This video from TechRadar highlights iOS 8 on the iPhone 6, showing syncing between the phone and your iWatch, car and Shazam music discovery service.

This colorful iPhone Air concept smartphone with a 5-inch screen, iOS 8 and 13 mp and 3 mp cameras also includes an integrated iRing for enabling health and other data to be analyzed and displayed.

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This video from ConceptsiPhone dishes a 6mm-thin iPhone 6 concept (vs. the current 7.6mm-thin 5S design) featuring an anodized aluminum curved back, a 5-inch screen with 2272x1280 resolution, iOS 8 and lots of attention to speakers and cameras.

Designer Georgi Tedoradze jumps into iOS 9 with his iPhone 6 design. This video got me a bit dizzy with all the spinning smartphones.

This iPhone 6 Pro concept, from Vishal Bhanushali, features wireless charging and a Smart iView Cover.

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