New products of the week 02.17.14

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Sophos and Palo Alto Networks

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

SafeGuard Encryption

Product Name:  SafeGuard Encryption 6.1

Key features: delivers a data-first approach to encryption, offering organizations an opportunity to embrace encryption without compromising user experience or limiting IT resources. The solution leverages native OS encryption and enables full multiplatform management, securing Windows, Mac and mobile devices, to secure data wherever it lives. More info.

ASCI Migration Services and Tools for ActiveBatch

Product name: ASCI Migration Services and Tools for ActiveBatch

Key features: Helps enterprises migrate from script-based job schedulers such as CA Technologies, IBM and BMC to ActiveBatch, an automation solution built from the ground up for dynamic, heterogeneous environments. More info.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Product Name – Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Key Features – Structured and Unstructured (file system) data encryption, access control and security intelligence. More Info.

SiSense 5

Product name: SiSense 5

Key features: enables non-technical users to analyze billions of records, share interactive dashboards and join multiple data sources from computer or mobile devices. More info.

Palo Alto Networks VM-Series on Citrix NetScaler SDX

Product Name: Palo Alto Networks VM-Series on Citrix NetScaler SDX

Key features: allows customers to use a single, multi-tenant platform to spin up dedicated advanced delivery controller (ADC) and next-generation firewall instances tailored to the specific needs of individual applications to safely enable applications, protect against threats, and maximize application availability and performance. More info.

Remote Console Server with Power Redundancy Solution

Product name: Remote Console Server with Power Redundancy Solution

Key features: A remote console server with built in ATS and dual power inlets to minimize downtime and ensure reliable access to console port command functions. Also includes Enterprise management Software. More info.

High Amp Switched PDU with Outlet Power Metering

Product name: High Amp Switched PDU with Outlet Power Metering

Key features: A heavy duty, switched PDU for high amp, remote reboot and power switching. Features outlet power metering with power consumption logging and alarm functions. Also includes Enterprise Management Software. More info.

Multi-Device Security Pack

Product Name: Multi-Device Security Pack

Key Features: Enjoy simple and effective Internet security so you can explore and socialize confidently. Mix and match award-winning Internet security for your Windows and Mac computers and Android smartphones and tablets. More info.

HP Access Catalog

Product name: HP Access Catalog

Key features: an on-demand mobile application catalog that allows employees to instantly download applications and digital content across mobile and desktop devices, transforming the way enterprises deliver services. More info.

P-3297 Open Switch

Product name: P-3297 Open Switch

Key features: The P-3297 doubles the available memory space for OpenFlow rules in Broadcom Trident-based hardware, and is the ninth bare metal white box switch to support Pica8’s Linux network operating system. More info.

Couchbase Server 2.5

Product name: Couchbase Server 2.5 Enterprise Edition

Key features: enhances NoSQL technology via enterprise-grade performance capabilities, with Rack Awareness for high availability and cross data center (XDCR) data encryption for secure data center replication. More info.

Pwn Pad 2014

Product name: Pwn Pad 2014

Key features: A commercial grade penetration testing tablet providing unprecedented ease of use in evaluating wired and wireless networks. This high-speed, lightweight device, features an extended battery life. It offers pentesters an alternative never known before. More info.

Netsocket Virtual Edge

Product name:  Netsocket Virtual Edge solution

Key features: is the first cloud-managed completely virtualized network optimized for distributed enterprises and SMBs and provides the same large enterprise-capable routing functions and IT services without the need for certified engineers or costly truck-rolls. More info.


Product name: FileCenter

Key features: helps home and professional users scan, organize, edit, archive, and find computer files.  More info.

CloudAccess 2.0

Product Name: CloudAccess 2.0

Further pricing: The price for the product rises to $16/user if the customer opts to add 1st year priority maintenance.

Key features: CloudAccess enables IT to automatically provision users single sign-on experience to SaaS or cloud applications. It also delivers a secure yet simplified access experience to iOS and Android devices. More info.


Product name: ActiveTrust

Key features: a cyber threat sharing and social collaboration network for enterprises and government agencies. The dynamic, aligned and private community of peers accelerates big collaboration for actionable security intelligence. More info.

User Manager Pro Suite

Product Name: User Manager Pro Suite (UMPS)

Key features: Windows security management tool now supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2; modifies and reports on local users, groups, registries, shares and rights in the Windows infrastructure. More info.


Product name: TrackVia

Key features: allows citizen developers to build custom, mobile-optimized business apps using drag-and-drop spreadsheet with secure permissions, workflow automation and dashboard reporting. More info.

The McAfee Email Defense Suite

Product name: McAfee Email Defense Suite


  • McAfee Basic Email Protection: Free for every hosted Exchange mailbox purchased via a Basic Office in the Cloud plan
  • McAfee Advanced Email Protection: Free for every hosted Exchange mailbox purchased via a Professional or Enterprise Office in the Cloud plan. (Basic plan users can upgrade for $1 per user, per month)
  • McAfee Email Data Loss Protection & Email Continuity: $2.50 per user, per month. These services are bundled together—buy one, get one.

Key features: provide spam and virus protections for Intermedia’s hosted Exchange customers. Add-on services for filtering outgoing email and providing redundant email access also available. More info.

CloudArray 4.8

Product name: CloudArray 4.8

Pricing: Software-only "Bring Your Own Cloud" CloudArray subscription starts at $99 a month for 1TB. CloudArray cloud storage bundle includes cloud storage costs and transfer fees and starts at $0.19/GB per month.

Key features: Now offering support for NFS and multi-site sharing; self-service cloud to cloud migration (cloud injection via disk, cloud migration via cache, cloud migration via cloud.) More info.


Product Name: APIdoc

Key Features: is the industry’s first single API to facilitate secure data access, sharing and collaboration to all file sharing and storage technologies, behind the firewall or in the cloud. More info.

Total Defense for Business w/ Email Archiving and Data Leakage Prevention

Product name: Total Defense for Business w/ Email Archiving and Data Leakage Prevention

Pricing: Archiving list price is $65 per user/year; List pricing is $71.50 per user/year for the full security suite (endpoint + web + email security).  

Key features: delivered via the cloud for superior ease of deployment and use, will drive greater compliance efficiency for Total Defense customers and partners. More info.

Cortado Workplace 7

Product name: Cortado Workplace 7

Key features: designed for iOS 7 to make usability easier than ever and enables users to embrace Apple’s business features for productivity. More info.


Product name: Ravello

Key features: automates the cloning of production applications in the cloud. It has added new plug-ins and RESTful APIs for Apache Maven, Ruby and Python, with support for Jenkins, Bamboo and TeamCity for continuous integration in the cloud. More info.

Quorum Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution

Product name: Quorum Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution

Key features: Quorum’s DRaaS solution (one-click recovery in minutes) has just been certified PCI compliant, offering cloud recovery that meets the payment card industry’s security specifications for backup and recovery. More info.

Unitrends Release 7.3

Product name: Unitrends Release 7.3

Pricing: UEB software starting at $995/socket or Recovery Series Appliance starting at $2,995/appliance.

Key features: Enhanced version of software powering Unitrends’ physical and virtual backup and recovery appliances, featuring private cloud DRaaS capabilities, meta-bare metal recovery for Cisco UCS servers (an industry-first) and other performance advancements. More info.

PIVOT by Spectralink

Product name: PIVOT by Spectralink

Key features: PIVOT is a mobile phone that combines smartphone elements (touch screen, app display) with the purpose-built quality that in-building mobile workers like nurses or retail associates need. More info.

Catbird 6.0

Product name: Catbird 6.0

Key features: now has multi-hypervisor support, enhanced continuous monitoring capabilities, expanded role-based administrative functions, and a Management API that integrates security policy and compliance enforcement into existing provisioning and management processes. More info.

Dell MessageStats for Lync

Product name: Dell MessageStats for Lync

Key features: Gain insights into Microsoft Lync ROI by assessing adoption and types of use with comprehensive reporting and management capabilities. More info.

Incapsula Business+

Product name: Incapsula Business+

Key features: Imperva Incapsula is an easy and affordable service that integrates three effective web solutions –Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS mitigation service, and content delivery network (CDN) — into a single cloud-based service. More info.

SecureSphere WAF for AWS

Product name: SecureSphere Web Application Firewall for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Key features: natively takes advantage of AWS cloud infrastructure. It leverages Amazon Cloud Formation to create WAF instances that move with and protect applications, even across Availability Zones. More info.


Product name: Zipwire

Key features: The Zipwire contact center is a pure cloud solution that brings reliable, scalable and simplistic multi-channel contact center capabilities to small and large organizations with needs ranging from 2 - 500 seats. More info.

Revolution R Enterprise 7 on the AWS Marketplace

Product name: Revolution R Enterprise 7 on Amazon Web Services

Key features: allows Big Data predictive analytics computations to be run on data sets up to 1 terabyte on cloud-based Windows and Linux with flexible hour and usage pricing. More info.

Covata Platform for Data-Centric Security

Product name: Covata Platform for Data-Centric Security

Key features: Extensible, services based platform for data-centric security across the enterprise – cloud, mobile, beyond the domain with customers and partners. Consolidate encryption to one platform with persistent control and detailed visibility. More info.

Artifactory 3.1 with High Availability (HA)

Product name: Artifactory 3.1 with High Availability (HA)


  • Artifactory Pro starts at $2,750 per year
  • Artifactory with HA is available within the Enterprise Value Pack (3 servers/$25,900/year)

Key features: A Binary Repository with High-Availability that enables multiple Artifactory servers to run at once using the same data, preventing service disruptions and ensuring smooth maintenance and faster response times. More info.

Cyphort Advanced Threat Protection Platform

Product name: The Cyphort Advanced Threat Protection Platfrom

Key features: designed to overcome the cost constraints, context, and coverage limitations of first generation advanced threat detection solutions. More info.

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